Why Aging is Exactly Like a Leaky Roof 7/366

I think of myself as a healthy person.  Oh sure I am not without ‘condition’ as it were.  But I think that as long as the affliction is manageable then it means I am in good health.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I went for a ‘follow up appointment’

Doc says, How are you?

I reply, I am great!  I feel good.

Doc says, Well there are a couple of things I want to discuss with you regarding your bloodwork.

Now keep in mind that when I was terribly ill for over a year every bit of blood work came back perfectly normal.

Well it appears my cholesterol is high.  I have been eternally proud of my cholesterol and my bone density.  They were what convinced me I am far younger than anyone knows.

I resisted but the fact is I had to go on a statin.  But I said could I not spend a couple of months making dietary adjustment?

Doc says no.  This is absolutely necessary right now.

I say, But that is an old person’s drug and you are on it for life.

Doc looks at me like perhaps I have an age defying problem.  Me? Never!  I just don’t think I am truly  as old as the people I grew up with.

Anyway, must head off to see our favorite aunt.

Oh the point is, as we age, we cannot be fixed so easily. No new roof to prevent the leaks, so all we can do is scatter pails, buckets (medications) to address each no leak as it happens.

15 thoughts on “Why Aging is Exactly Like a Leaky Roof 7/366”

  1. I’ve always found it a bit of a shock when my doctor has broached a subject that I heretofore had thought was for people well beyond my years. Questions about chest pains, hearing loss, etc. took some getting used to. Who knew that Mick Jagger was being prophetic when he sang, “What a drag it is getting old”? Speaking of music, when I read this post’s title, I was reminded of a Rosemary Clooney song from the ’50s, “This Ole House.”

  2. Hi Chris. Last year my sister in London brought down her cholesterol count with diet. Hope you can do the same. As Darlene says doctors are very quick to prescribe pills. Hope the changed diet works and you can get off the medication

    1. Yes I am wondering if I accepted the pills too quickly but she scared the day lights out of me when she said I currently had a one in three chance of having a stroke. I still should have gotten the exact results from her and looked into it a little more. I thought my diet was good but truth be told, lots of room for improvement.

  3. I would put two bob each way. Take your doctor’s advice as there is strong evidence that lowering cholesterol reduces heart disease risk. At the same time investigate diet, then maybe further on you can reduce or go off statins. Read and then read more. Sometimes (and especially as we age) what we think is an excellent diet, can have some holes in it. That is what I have found over the past year and now my ‘excellent diet’ I would consider moderate at best. For example, I always considered my diet was low in fat, and any fat I did have was ‘healthy’ anyway. I have now made the fat content much lower in my diet and my cholesterol levels have come down – dramatically. Read Dean Ornish’s “The Spectrum” or John McDougall’s “The Starch Solution”. You can also get information online.
    (There is also a lot of ‘low carb’ diet books out there. However, in the reading of the scientific literature, I believe that the low-carb craze is not based on strong scientific evidence.)
    All the best and take care.

    1. I know Darlene I think I may have accepted the pills too fast but she scared the daylight out of me. I go back in a month, will change/ improve my diet and see where that takes me. She is a new doctor for me and I hope she will not be a pill pusher

      1. I am sure she has your best interests at heart. So many times a small change in diet can make a big difference. I agree with Eliz, Read as much as you can about it. You may require some pills for awhile until things stabilize. As long as the doctor knows you are in control of the situation. Sending hugs!

  4. Age comes to all…i have my blood pressure tabs which i now only take half. And my sleeping pill…never thought about cholesterol..suppose i should get it checked. Statins are ok but a diet change would help..wouldn.t it?

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