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A friend is gently spreading her wings into WordPress folks. Please make her feel welcome. She is my gypsy road warrior I have mentioned in BFF

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I was surprised to have a comment on my blog cause I thought I’d just ease into it like a diary. I’m amazed at all the changes my thought processes have gone through in the last few years. I think I am becoming my own best friend. I like myself and I forgive myself but I draw the line at talking to myself😋.

My plan is to remain interested in the world and try to make the best of every day. There are so many things that I haven’t tried yet and I love to see how the children in my life, the nieces, nephews, soon to be 2 grandchildren,  see the world.

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What makes you strong?

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Words beyond words, strength beyond strength.

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What gives you that last ounce of strength?  What makes you reach for the impossible and win? What gives us the ability to tap that secret cache of power we all hold.  What enables us to survive.  To push through when the odds are so stacked against us it feels like hail in our faces. pigs

My friend, who looks after her aging father, told me yesterday that he fell and she caught him, he is 200 pounds, she is my size, she caught him and held him up for as long as it took for him to get his feet from out under the fall so she could lower him to the ground safely.  She said this was about 6 or 7 minutes as he struggled but felt like an age. But she did not drop him. She found an untapped strength that both frightened and amazed her.

This strength is in…

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We have become beggars

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Thoughts? Lots of truth here

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begger_by_praveenchettriWe all have become beggars. You might be taken aback by this statement and you might even think it is rude but that is the hard reality: Yes, we all have become beggars. We beg for attention and acknowledgment in every damn activity we do. We have become so much addicted to begging that we have placed our happiness on the hands of others attention. More attention, we feel happy. Less attention, we feel frustrated. I realized this when I posted a blog after a long time and was checking my blog stats again and again to see how many people have visited and read it. Then it hit me that I started the blog in the first place for me and only then for others. It was contradicting that if I started it for me then why would I feel happy or sad based on the stats. That is…

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Getting organized is easy

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Sometimes the right word at the right moment ….

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moleskine_ii__by_extrasist0leGetting organized is simple. Many think it is complicated and I was one of them until I started to follow a simple rule. The only difficult part about it is that it requires a lot of self-discipline. Unfortunately we have made our lives, a life of confusion. We have total confused our system by not being organized. We do wrong things at wrong time in wrong place. We watch TV in the bedroom instead of sleeping. We use dinning table as storage unit and use sofa in the living room for eating. We use treadmill to dry clothes instead of exercising and cupboard to dump things. We use TV stand to keep medicine and medicine box to store pins. We have been misusing places and time so much that we are completely lost now. When we go to bedroom, we don’t get sleep because our body thinks we should watch TV…

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This modern term for Best Friends Forever is not one of my favorites. First of all it is so commonly used one gets a little weary from hearing it so much. Secondly it smacks a bit of desperation as though the declaration itself will make it true.  At least that is how it seems.  I must concede though that it is said to denote sincerity and a promise – sincere declaration.

In days gone by the term best friend, dear friend, soul mate, may have been used.


*Someone may be your best friend, but you may not be theirs and that is okay.  Unlike some commitments there is no reciprocation necessary.

*You can have more than one best friend I think which decries the use of the word best, but there it is.  In that case I guess the term would be ‘one of my best friends’.

*A best friend is someone you respect.

*A best friend is someone who can see the worst of you knows your darkest side and still love you and accept you.

*A best friend supports you even when you make stupid decisions.

*A best friend comforts you when the consequences of said stupid decision comes to roost and never, well almost never, says ‘I told you so”

*Distance has no effect on best friend status.  The world is a much smaller place now and thanks to Skype and other media contact is not far away.

*Long periods of time can pass but when the connection is made it is as if no time has passed at all.

When I met my best friend eighteen years ago we had engaged initially in a social conversation.  During that conversation I clearly heard the words in my mind; I want this girl in my life.  And she has been.  She travels the world. I do not.  She has a gypsy nature, I do not.  She is adventurous, I am not.  Lest this seem like a lot of ‘nots’, it is in truth of little consequence.  She is more thoughtful than I, and stronger and kinder. Perhaps that is our link.  She is the better person I strive to be.

I have no idea what makes a soul connection exist.  It just does.  It cannot be made or constructed, or planned.  It is something that exists or it does not.  Gender has no influence.  It is beyond our ken and a gift, that if we accept it, it can only enrich our existence regardless of extraneous factors.

My best friend’s birthday is on Saturday and I celebrate her life and give thanks.


Motivation Mondays: MISTAKES!

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“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” George Bernard Shaw

Motivation Mondays: MISTAKES! Motivation Mondays: MISTAKES!

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it. Kevyn Aucoin

What do mistakes mean to you? If you read last week’s Motivation Monday post, you’d remember that the man with a headache was suffering because he was not only judgmental of others but, he also had his sanctimonious halo tightly screwed to his head. Unless you are like my tight halo wearer, you’ve had your share of mistakes; some of them you might have repeated quite a few times until the lesson and message dug…

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Yesterday John had the day off so he finished and brought home my Winter present. He does not do Christmas and Birthday presents he makes winter presents. Last year it was a chicken tractor. This year it is a free standing home made hay feeder. I took a photo of a NZ one when I was travelling and he set to and made me one of my own.  Isn’t that wonderful. snow-day-024

The idea is that the cow puts her head through the uprights to get the hay and remains in there to chew it so all the falling and trailing hay goes back in the pile.  There is limited sideways jostling so the cows get to eat in peace. It works remarkably well.  Now when Aunty Del comes back she will not be bullied out of her dinner. Elsie is king of the castle at meal times!

The car feeder is now for…

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