Well what happened next?

Just after I finished my previous blog on my ditziness of the day, I started to pack up my things and head home.  I had come to my fav Williams Coffee Pub to write, hoping the change in environment would reset my universal flow button.  It did not.  BUT.

As I was about to leave a young couple sat down across from me.  Probably in their twenties… both really really good looking.
Anyway I noticed as I was putting on my jacket that she was nudging his leg under the table with her foot.  I thought that was so cutesy. THEN he sits back with a cocky look on his face and says…”So we have some issues and are we going to deal with them or not deal with them?”. AND he has such a smirk on his face because he has total control.  She is trying to be loving and seductive with the old foot trick and he knows he can make her feel awful.  She is contrite and he is….”so I did some things, and I said some have to decide if you can live with that.”

Oh I peeled that jacket off so fast!  I wanna see how this plays out.
I am seated so I have a full view of him and only back and side of her.  He talks, eats, moves a round in his chair but..never never looks directly at her, just very quick rare glances. gauging her reaction to each of his boastful claims.  I think he just wants to be sure he is retaining control.  He keeps looking out the windows as if he would rather be anywhere but here.

God she is so gorgeous-why is she putting up with this?

She is talking now trying to work things out.  He is now looking directly out the window while she speaks and then down at his plate. Now he is responding with short sentences and still not looking at her.

He is still ignoring her while she talks and now she is back to stroking his leg under the table with her foot!  With no favorable response from him she has returned her foot to a neutral position.

Everything in me is screaming STUPID ALERT, STUPID ALERT,  Call out the dogs!!! man the guns!!! Danger!!! danger!!!

Would I have wanted someone to intervene when that was me years ago..and it was me..  Okay he has put on his coat and she has not…should I say something to her??  Should I?

Now He has reaches out to gently touch her fingers and gaze in her eyes.  To her credit she just picked up her sandwich in both hands..nuts and is putting her coat on also now.  Phew they both left ..sigh ..that removes my tough decision on intervention.

Thank God one of my blogging heroes, Joss at crowingcrone just wrote this morning about letting others make their own decisions and it was the first blog I read.  Thank you Joss it kept me on the straight and narrow..and appropriate!

10 thoughts on “AND THEN….”

  1. I wouldn’t have listened either. Actually I didn’t! It is hard to watch someone else walk into something toxic like that, but it is choices.

  2. I want to intervene too! After suffering a heartbreak I wanted to warn all the ladies, women, wives, and grannies to be very careful… Then I put myself in their shoes (even if it doesn’t fit) and ask, “Would I listen?” and the answer is No. So there, I just say a silent prayer for things to be well.

    Bless your concerned heart 🙂

    1. I said a prayer too and I agree. I wouldn’t have listened either!. You know I like the wisdom I find here, about letting others make their own decisons, supporting each other, cheering each other on..darn nice place to be..thanks for being part of that!

  3. I’m glad WordPress is back up and running! I had tried to post a very humorous reply to your post and when I tried to send it, it failed. 😦 However, I believe I remember part of it. Though trying to recapture it I know the brilliance is lost forever. Sigh. But, I loved that you sat back down! I loved that you wanted to help the young girl!!!!! How painful is it to watch someone go through this! I hope it is a lesson she does learn from and realize people and relationships ARE better than that. And I love that you wrote this. 🙂

  4. I am a bit more um how shall I say it…I tend to fly by the seat of my pants more 🙂 I’m one of those that have plenty of snappy things to say, my husband says I have a professional silver tongue. Now that I think about it I am not sure that is a good thing. I think that you handled yourself very well, I commend you. However should we ever be in the same neck of the woods and you see me approaching such a couple, to set the laws of the universe right or realign his aura LOL please do stop by the jail afterward to visit with me 🙂

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