Fitting in that won’t won’t fit!

Fitting in that won’t won’t fit!

Some days you just can’t get comfortable in your own skin. (Please keep in mind that even though I appear to be speaking for all I really am speaking for me and just assuming you might have some idea of what I am talking about). 

See what I mean? My mind is all rambly.  Note I did not say my thoughts were rambling…it just seems to be part of being uncomfortable in your skin, everything is rambly.

It’s as though I am out sync with the flow with the universe, the rhythm of life, slipped a cog, lost my footing, have a screw loose, lights on in the attic but no one is home.  Good grief…..screws, footing, rhythm…I AM FALLING APART!  Now I am agitated, waiting for a limb to drop off next. Crap!

I felt it coming yesterday.  Not quite like losing my hold on reality but knowing that for a small period of time, if my life were a biorhythm chart, that all criteria were heading to the bottom of the graph with a huge kerplunk to lay knotted  and tangled. It happens a couple of times a year, I think.  I wonder if it was triggered by that crazy moon, or if the rudeness of those beastly people on the weekend put a dent in my aura of calm and peace?  Oh my aura.  I miss it.  I checked and don’t think I have any kind of aura right now.  Nuts does that mean I am aura-less?

I know this is rare and will pass and life will return to calm clear thinking; a person fully intact – aura possessed, common sense, able to make a declarative sentence.

Tomorrow is another day.  This day is not meant decision making or soul searching, operating large machinery, or even small machinery, or any machinery more than a tooth brush.

I can only hope that world leaders, nuclear scientists, brain surgeons, and the Royal Wedding planner can wait one more day before soliciting my much needed advice.

I love to hear your thoughts on this!

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