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I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘Want’ lately.

The most frequent definition is similar to Merriam-Webster 1. To be needy or destitute.  2.  To have or feel need. says it is – to desire greatly; wish for. goes a little further and says ‘Want refers to what you absolutely have to have and ‘need’ refers to something that you don’t really lust for – but you just need it. says – DESIRE is when you want something you can’t have.  WANT is when you don’t need it but you get it anyways.

I always thought that reaching a point where one says, ‘I want nothing’ was a sign of happiness, an expression of gratitude.  I don’t think it means you have everything you could want, it just means that you are grateful and appreciative for what you have.  I disagree with M-W that…

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3 thoughts on “IS WANT DESIRABLE?”

  1. J > Count me as old-fashioned, but to me ‘want’ is the absence of something that is needful. Unfortunately the two have become confused – along with the desire to fill a want. To be in want of a wife means that a man needs a wife but doesn’t have one. Presently, I have a wife : I need her, but I do not want her – because I have her as wife already! Perhaps I read to much Bronte and Austen!

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