Hopelessly Devoted to You..

This song came to mind as I started my day, considered all the could do and should do things and decided nope..today I am hopelessly devoted to you.  You being my bloggers and some wordpress organizational things to do.  So in order of priority 1) complete this daily post 2) read and respond to my comments (something I have been lax about in the past) 3) Enjoy the Reader aspect to read my ‘I follow list’ and comment 4) do some maintenance on my site especially blog roll as some there have now gone and many treasures are not listed at all.  All in all a perfect day planned I say.

FITFS – following in the footsteps – First, before any of that I must pay homage to my practice of recognizing one of my fave bloggers who also works around themes (have I mentioned this is something I am seeking for moi?)  Emily Cannell  This amazing woman and her family moved to Japan sometime ago.  I first got to know her at the beginning of my blogging career when her ‘Hey from Japan – We are being shaken and stirred here’ was Freshly Pressed.  The woman knows how to report and without invoking whining and sniveling was able to give us a birds eye view – or an Emily ey’s view of what is going in her adopted home.  She has been FP’d a number of times since – and for good reason.  She is inspiring, hilarious, and talented.

**By the by – big news!  Yesterday’s post was about Judith Baxter and her book review by author Zoe Sharp and how wonderful it was that Zoe had commented on Judith’s post.  Well guess what!!  Zoe commented on my post about Judith’s post about her!!!  So now it would seem I have two – that’s 2 published authors as my new besties -Zoe Sharp and my bestie bestie Joss Burnell (whom you will hear more about…should it be whom?)!

***Now in looking back at my first two posts on Following in the footsteps… I just checked the links I put in to Judith and Jaime’s sites and it does not seemed to have worked. So I just tried it again and it worked….go figure.

Oh my am I going to ever get to the rest of today’s post?  The air is cooler and less humid to day and I hope the weather conditions every where else lets up a bit.  Some places too cold, some too hot, some too dry some too wet.  I hope it all settles a bit for everyone.

We were lucky yesterday to have a pool here at the house and when DIL wanted to take G2 in he whined and cried until his foot hit the water and he bobbed along in this floatie vest thing and called. ‘Grandma, Grandma, look I decided to come in and I can swim!!’  Uh huh – just like a man!

Hope y’all have a good Saturday or Sunday – which ever day it is for you my friends.


17 thoughts on “Hopelessly Devoted to You..”

  1. Hey Chris- I`m so flattered that you feel that way! Thanks so much! I would have replied earlier but have only had my iphone which doesn`t post comments for some reason! On vacation in the US until end of July without access to all my tech stuff. Love this series you`re doing and finding all sorts of new stuff to read! Thanks Chris.

  2. If you remember “Hopelessly devoted to you” you may also remember Belafonte’s
    “A Fox Went Out On A Chilly Night,
    Prayed to the moon to give him light
    He’d many a mile to go that night
    Before he reached the Town-O, Town-O,
    Many a mile to go that night before he reached the Town-O.

    Those are the opening lines of my blog about a fox who appeared on our property,
    Any friend of Celi’s is a friend of mine!

  3. Oh how I read a lot and then blog alot. I love Sundays to catch up commenting and such. Thanks for keeping track of me over the past two years. It has been such an exciting blog adventure. As one of my posts say, my best friends are all online and You are one of them. It’s people like you that inspire people like me to keep on keeping on.

  4. I try to spend time on Saturdays and Sundays to catch up with the reading, commenting, and tidying up the blogging place. I’m also trying to write. I have three ideas under construction in my head. When I sit down to try and release the ideas, I find I procrastinate. I need to get to writing. The pictures I post do not fill my need to write. Pardon me for getting sidetracked within this comment, Chris. I blame the procrastination.

    Good to see Zoe’s comment on your previous post. I sent the link to my murder/mystery reading family members. I do believe she’ll have a few new fans.

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