FITFS – following in the footsteps…

Yesterday I mentioned the quality of the bloggers I follow and that while I, after more than a year was still looking for my theme, my schtick, my brand, my…well you know – I could at least celebrate my faves, and perhaps through them find myself.  So one of the very first blogs I read this morning was a dear WP friend Judith who resides in New Zealand, where it is mid winter and earthquake season.

I am not sure if Judith Baxter has been Freshly Pressed (and if not should have been) but today her news was even better that FP.  Judith did a review of a book she had read.  Well  not just a book, and the contents kept her reading for an entire day, but an excellent book.  So  good in fact that the author herself, Zoe Sharp commented on her post.  The book Judith read was ‘ First Drop‘.  Now how cool is that????

Now I know I will get the book and others by Sharp, and I suspect that since Judith has had close to 100,000 hits on her site (in just over a year) that many others will do the same thing.  Congratulations to Judith and to Zoe!

Hmmm what is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you since you have been blogging? (aside from all the friends you have made which is of course the number 1 best thing)

That is going to require some serious thought!

It’s a 40 degree day here, G1 has just uttered for the first time since school was out, “I’m bored.”  I expect that sentiment won’t last too long once he gets going with his day.

If the children are going out to play today it will have to early in the day.  Our thoughts are with all who remain without power from the storms…which means also air conditioning and the every day things we take for granted.

20 thoughts on “FITFS….Judith”

  1. Note to self: proofread before hitting POST. Of course, that should be an, not and, Ace blogger; ah well …
    God bless, Christine

  2. Well, Zoe (see – we’re all best friends, already) called my sister and Ace blogger – of course we have always known Judith is an ace, but how nice to know, across the world, others are aware of the fact.
    God bless, Christine

  3. Off I go to find out about Judith in New Zealand. That sounds like a good book when someone who’s a good writer/blogger can’t put it down.

  4. Hi Chris

    Thank you so much for the nice mention. I know, it’s going to seem as though I’m stalking now, but I do keep an eye out for mentions on the T’interweb and how could I ignore such a lovely sentiment. I’m always delighted when anybody’s read and enjoyed my books, and it would be rude not to thank them for it.

    As for stature, LOL — I’m 5ft 6in. Does that count? Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  5. I love how we are all connected through the world of blogging. To me that is the best reward. I consider Judith and Chris freinds and when something good happens to you, I am over the moon! Zoe Sharp commenting with Judith is just so wonderful!

  6. Thank you Chris for those kind words and as I said I was totally blown away by the fact that Zoe Sharp took time to read and comment. And she has even commented again on this latest post. Isn’t it great when somebody of that stature takes time and effort to acknowledge a small fish. 🙂

  7. That’s awesome for your blogger friend. I had an author comment on one of my book reviews once. I thought it was about the nicest thing EVER! It makes me want to read every single word that author will ever write.

  8. 40 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, Chris? We’ve had our share of 100 degrees Fahrenheit this Summer, so 40 degrees (F) sounds lovely.
    I am behind in my blog reading, but I will certainly pay a visit to Judith. Along with you, she is on my list of the ‘best bloggers’.
    I’ll ponder the greatest thing that has happened to me since blogging. Right off the top of my head, I want to say the greatest thing is the fact that I am writing, and my words are not staying hidden in a drawer. For better or worse. 🙂

  9. I can’t find Judith when i click on her name, my server is bung, can you give me the name of her blog? so i can find it! I love to connect with fellow NZers..thank you for this great series.. c

    1. Hi Celi – it wasn’t you because I could not follow the link – but have fixed it…Judith is
      Sometimes the linky thing works for me and sometimes not…but I will check it from now on. I found a couple of your comments in my spam..not sure why but I will also check that daily now! We have cooler warm weather in southern Ontario now and hope you are getting some of it! Keep cool!

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