When Words Are Cheap And Easy

When Words Are Cheap And Easy

There are times when words are cheap, easy, irritating, even down right annoying.
There are times when words are anemic wishes and not motivational, not inspirational, and not even true.

And one of those times my friends sits just around the calendar corner.  Oh and not just ONE of those times but THE time of all times.  THE lies of all lies, THE deceit of all deceits, THE hope of all hopes, THE despair of all despairs.

Yes, Yes!  I hate to even say the words but here goes.  I shall swallow my fear and loathing.  New Year Resolutions.  There..I’ve said it.

Do you know even those who smugly say they don’t make resolutions in fact are making a resolution to not make resolutions?

There are a lot of things I don’t currently like about myself and wish to change and here I sit trying to decide if in fact they are mere wishes or if I have what it takes to make the changes.  I know I need to….should..but but can I?

Resolutions are words and I have to decide if I will parade my intentions for applause or if I will take those words, those intentions into my very being and make them real.

Is your resolution reality or fantasy?



10 thoughts on “When Words Are Cheap And Easy”

  1. My resolution is to try to stay in the moment. I’m a planner. We’ll see how long that lasts. Happy New Year and good luck with change.

  2. My main resolutions are to keep living, to hold on to as much of my brain as I can, to stop my hearing loss. Not really in my power, so faux resolutions.

    Still I have set a goal to finish my novel by my 75th Birthday–March 21, 2012. Wow, just realized that is one of those numbers others are playing around with. Guess the 3 makes it not a wow, but a nothing.

    Anyway, the resolution is to publish as an Ebook on that day. Earlier this week I thought I might have to ask others to write the last chapter, but did get that done. Now doing the cleaning house editing before the maid comes. Hoped to have that done by January first leaving time for others to read, to get a professional copy editor and a E-book formatter.

    Are goals resolutions? Just as often not obtained. Which is why my motto as a coach was “If the goal is not bet the wrong goal was set.” I think, however, this is the right goal and will be met.

    Stay strong all.

  3. I made my resolution early and time dated. For the month of December, I resolved to skip sugar. So far, so good. No candy, cake, pie for this whole holiday season. I did not want to wake up on New Years Day another time only to find the scale five pounds up! On New Year’s Day, I will have a piece of angel food cake, a family tradtion. Six more days to go! Oh yes, the scale is inching down a bit. Great motivator.

  4. Sorry, I’m a couple of days late getting here–busy with the holiday. My resolution is the classic–lose weight. I hope and pray it becomes a reality. Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday.

  5. I’m going on five years with the same New Year’s Resolution: To remain irresolute 🙂 I vow to not make resolutions, and I normally end up being pretty productive!

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