It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chris…Chris..Chris


It’s Beginning To LookA Lot Like Chris…Chris..Chris

So here’s the scoop..after a tiring week by all, as all weeks should be, in anticipation of a smashing weekend full of festivity and shopping I made my way back to Kitchener on Friday…early on Friday arriving at oneish.  Lunch with my best friends sis and sis in law, chatting the afternoon away then out to Kelsey’s for fish and chips dinner.  I categorically do not like fish and chips but theirs is wonderful.
Home post dinner for a short restful evening, a good nights sleep then a day of shopping, visiting, topped off by our annual brothers and sisters Christmas dinner
Suddenly at 9pm I felt the need to call dear old auntie Fran to set up lunch with her.  After many rings a clearly incoherent elderly woman answers.  I abandon my glass of Pinot Grigio, sis drops her glass of rum and coke and we race off to aunties.
I have keys to her apartment but alas they are in Hamilton.  Someone lets us in this secure building and we head off to the 10th floor sis bruising knuckles knocking, place a call to sis number three to come over with her keys and I race down to the super’s apartment to let us in.
On entry find auntie barely conscious, dial 911, try to keep her awake.  We figure it is probably hypoglycemia, but she has been ill so follow emergency’s instructions not to give her anything to drink.
Ambulance arrives and the next hour and a half spent trying to get her blood sugar up which finally happens almost to an astounding normal of 4.4 and parameds leave.  She seems better, others must go and I also tired I could lay on the floor to sleep.  We get in the elevator to leave but I have to return, she has been I’ll after all.
Long long long night and good thing I stayed.  She has trouble with her cough and breathing so I get her ventolin from kitchen.  Breathing easier but still restless.
Finally at 6:50am she falls asleep.  By 9 I let her know I have to go sleep.  Family will be here shortly to do Christmas baking.  Sis is at work til 3 but I am supposed to go visit sis in law at noon.
Have left a note for the bakers that I am sleeping but not to worry about noise. Will try to get a couple of hours..have set alarm.  Sis left her cell at home so cannot let her know updates.
Am soooooo tired but not sure I can sleep.   I expect that one drink at dinner party tonight will render me..well…will see.
That’s it for now. Hope y’all have a wonderful day.

22 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chris…Chris..Chris”

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you were inspired to phone your aunt, Chris. It sounds like you were just in the nick of time! Sending healing thoughts to her and to the rest of your family.

  2. Lucky you followed through on your thought of calling your auntie; I do hope she is ok. You must be so tired . . . so get some sleep Chris. My thoughts and prayers will be with Auntie Fran.

  3. I hope your aunt is feeling better – lucky you were able to get into the house. But in all this do take care of yourself. Maybe a glass of wine might help relax you.

  4. Pushed like, but isn’t the case. Good thoughts for you and yours. Aging sucks, but sucks less when family cares, then sucks for family. Also always see mine or David’s future in such scenarios. He has diabetes, is an absolutely terrible patient. I could have a stroke of fall and bleed to death. Oh, well not for a long time for any of us as we all hope. If I die first he must get into an assisted living situation. Will he? Fighting all the way, but he has seen its value for his 105 year old mother. I have told my common sense, farm raised fantastic daughter-in-law to partner with the Rabbi about next steps if I die first and it becomes clear David can’t make it on his own. He might get grabbed up by some of the ladies at the shul first, he says they are all too old for him and who wants a young one with a Daddy complex.

    I would like to use your story–post as a link on my From the Down Hill Slope posts. Need to think in what context. Maybe families need to do all they can and yours certainly does, but comes a time more may be needed. Were I counseling you and your sisters, I’d broker for one of the emergency call buttons hawked on tv and start thinking of assisted living if such exist in your area.

    I always thought the ideal for my aging self with or without David was owning a house with an attached apartment. Fantasized first running a boarding house in a college town. I do love young folks around me and would cook dinner with a little help for reduced rent. Would want either Torah students or students from China or Japan. No spoiled US brats. We did do a bit of that in NY and it worked out well. The attached apartment would be rented to someone who could take over on vacations and when we got too old to do the above, we would trade places with the apartment dweller.

    Dreaming of course. Stay strong, you are blessed with caring sisters.

  5. Glad to hear your auntie Fran is doing OK, its amazing how God will give us these instincts to follow these gut feeling that come over us from time to time….Merry Christmas to you and your family….will keep auntie Fran in my prayers…

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