Friday! Freshly Pressed and Ailing Bloggers

Friday! Fresh Pressed and Ailing Bloggers!
Yes folks it’s Friday. Make of that what you will. Me when I was working I hated Fridays, having started my week with lofty goals, making Mondays wonderful, and having to face not reaching them 100% made Fridays my least fav day.
Freshly Pressed
But this is a day of joy for two of my fav bloggers made FP again! I have only been blogging with sincere dedication since March and both of these heroes in print have done it twice since then. I know, I know, there are some of you who have won more than that, as your humble brags pointed out. Well, if I were ever chosen I would do the humble brag too!
Get used to the name because you are going to hear more of it. Emily shakes us up regularly with her optimistic and very humorous yet often not working out just right approach to life in Japan. Probably a side effect to the widespread damaging earthquakes she experienced and blogged on so successfully getting her first FP. I was pretty new then and could not figure out what her congratulatory comments about FP were.
The link to her most recent victory is above and is spectacular!!
And her first win?
THE GOOD GREATSBY PAUL JOHNSON is another up and coming name.
With your host Paul Johnson, a man whose mother raved about his comedic writing talents, describing his work as, ‘I don’t get it,’ and ‘Is the page with the funny part missing?’ I suspect that Paul has been a multiple winner but suffers from a severe case of humility so does not brag on the fact – much.
His first (that I saw) is:
Things I Carry in My Pocket for the Sole Purpose of Confusing the Police in the Event of My Untimely Death which was a killer post hahaha
His most recent is…
If you are not in reasonably good health I am not sure this material is for you as you are in danger of splitting a gut, rolling on the floor or performing a bladder voiding act due to laughter. Not ordinary laughter here folks and his site should come labeled with a warning – have your bladder checked or wear Depends, cause you are going to need it!
PS just a hint..his last pic in the swimsuit is not him..I can verify this as I happen to know he is addicted to a certain smoking jacket and would never wear anything else swimming!
I am so excited for these two mostly because I am in awe and learn from both and secondly I feel like I have a symbiotic relationship with them. Take that how you will but it means I get to bask in their glory by virtue of association!

And they get to use this button:

For the FP

Home For Ailing Bloggers
My dear friend and cohort in trying to navigate the waters of blogging, which will eventually end up on FP, Colleen Brown, and I have been under the weather. Sick you might say – me much worse of course as she has youth on her side so is stronger. She lives somewhere in a state not far from me and I think, as a nurse that I should offer to come down and care for her. Colleen all I require is a first class ticket to Paris, then Rome then to whatever your airport is locally. I just have to come up with a reason why I need this flight when she is probably only five or six hours away from me by car.
So please look her up and comment and help her get to FP at
Oh I’m calling the Home for Ailing Bloggers THE LAST CHAPTER! Get it? Anyone? Anyone?

16 thoughts on “Friday! Freshly Pressed and Ailing Bloggers”

    1. Hi Eliz and CONGRATULATIONS on FP. Do I know the right people to hang out with or what!!
      The FP button is yours to use. I did a search on Photobucket for Fresh pressed and that is what came up. Its there for anyone to use so please do you earned it!!

  1. Great post and quite topical. I love amblerangel’s blog and will check out the other block too. I got good news today too from WP. 😉 Check out my Sade post!

  2. This is so wonderful to have “freshly pressed blogger friends.” I love to see others succeed. I think that you hit the nail on the head today by posting and promoting other bloggers. I love that I can just click the link and see all about the others. Thanks. Jackie~

  3. Chris- thanks so much for you kind words! I so appreciate the highlight blog and more than anything the time and effort you took to write it. Of course the love it mutual! And I know your time will come as your blog always amuses and makes me laugh! Do you think Paul will let me borrow his smoking jacket?

  4. How do you know if you’ve ever been Freshly Pressed? I’ve only been doing this since November and I’m so behind the technology, lingo, etc…

    1. I know..we are in the same boat! But you can find Freshly pressed under My account at the top of your page. I feel so far behind I can’t even insert a link yet but will learn eventually. I am handing out some awards..15 in total over the next couple of weeks..would you like to be one of the recipients?

  5. For real laughing out loud! Thanks for the shout out Chris! You made me laugh and now I have other posts to read. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were FP’d at the same time????? I love the button too. If I’m buying you a ticket to anywhere….you know you aren’t going to France…. but Ireland! Last Chapter…… lets hold off on writing it though! FUnny! 🙂

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