Baptist Nuns..Once Upon a Time..


Baptist Nuns…Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time in a land far actually in this very city..I was a little girl. The dinosaurs had just died out leaving more room for people. For they were huge and took up an awful lot of room.
TV had just come on the market, ice cream cones were five cents, comic books were a nickel..I think, which is a lot like five cents, and when you got a quarter you were living high on the hog.
My house was on Spadina Road just down the street from St. Mary’s Hospital. Yes, my house…when the dinosaurs were gone, there was plenty of room for houses. My street has a lovely boulevard. Well it was almost lovely, marred just a little by a huge metal tower.
Anyway it still was quite a lovely street back then, new houses, big yards and. of course the boulevard.
In those days nuns lived at the hospital and in the early evening they would stroll down the street. I am not sure how old I was when I first saw them, maybe five, maybe younger.
It was love at first sight. Those flowing black gowns, long chains with crosses, the starchy white framing their sweet faces. They seemed to float all angelic like.
I knew at that very moment I wanted to be a nun! Over time I heard nun stories about them having to shave their heads and never have money but I didn’t care. I was going to wear the outfit! I was going to be angelic!
Of course they never seemed to wear lipstick and that bothered me a tad.
Not that I wore lipstick at five but I knew one day I would.
Oh and the other minor glitch? I was Baptist. I had no idea there were no Baptist nuns. Sigh…….

37 thoughts on “Baptist Nuns..Once Upon a Time..”

  1. I have a deep respect for nuns but I never ever want to be a nun — I can’t pray all day! But that doesn’t stopped me from enjoying being a nun even for just a few hours. A black cloth with a hole fit for my head was all I need and yes, the hair cover too. Of course, I sang and dance together with the nuns in the Sister’s Act! Blessings to you 🙂

    1. I think you have had this before but……I just had to…I have posted you as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award..details in my just now post. Congratulations!

  2. I was raised Catholic. I had a nun hit me on my hand with a ruler. I had to stand in the corner for being bad too. LOL. Very cute post here you have today. 🙂

    1. Hi Jackie…you know I love your site and even though you may have other things on your plate right now…I have posted you as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award..details in my just now post. Congratulations!

    1. I was ridiculously so. When I read all about Dr. Tom Dooley’s adventures in the jungle I wanted to be a nurse with him but I worried about how much lipstick I would have to carry and the fact it would melt in the heat of the jungle!

  3. cute post. I too remember that magical feeling of seeing nuns walk down the street, or down the halls of school together. an impressive sight.

    1. Hi Joss…you know how much I love your site..and Ithink you have been a recipient before but could not leave you off the…I have posted you as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award..details in my just now post. Congratulations!

  4. Being a Southern Baptist most of my life, I can relate to the humor in this post. True only through the eyes and minds of a child, can we see the true wisdom of belief, even when their visions sometimes rings a sense of humor. Good post ! 🙂

  5. I went to a Catholic preschool, kindergarten, grade school and high school. Nuns were everywhere! Here a nun, there a nun, everywhere a nun nun. I loved your story, and the following comments. 🙂

    1. I love…everywhere a nun run,,! I have friends that went to Catholic schools also..who tell some very interesting stories that Baptist girls could not match. Plus they got more holiday school days than we!

  6. This makes me smile. I went to a convent primary school and I’m Jewish so, as you can imagine there was a lot of confusion from time to time!

  7. How lovely Chris. Our Nun story is that when my daughter aged about 5 went into have her tonsils removed she was in a hospital staffed by Nuns. Maybe it was your hospital with Nuns. Anyway, my son who was about 3 at the time told his father that we wouldn’t be going to visit anymore because they hung small boys on the wall. Yes, it was Christ on the cross. But not to my small boy. (Note Chris – yes I know they hang people and pictures are hung but what can you do with a small boy?)

  8. That is so funny because I was raised Catholic and wanted to become a nun too. My father refused to sign the papers as I was a minor. I was so upset but moved on… Sometimes I still wonder… 🙂
    Happy Easter!

    1. Hi know how much I enjoy your site so….I have posted you as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award..details in my just now post. Congratulations!

  9. Love the story

    Now Picture this:

    8 year old Jewish boy falls off his bicycle and suffers a head concussion. The non-sectarian hospital has no room so the little Jewish boy is sent to Saint Clair’s Hospital.

    Frightened and feeling all alone in the quiet of the darkened hospital after Mommy was sent home for the night, the little Jewish boy awakens to find THREE Nuns praying over his bed.

    I had never seen a Nun up close before. I was sure I had died and we were wrong!

    1. That is so funny and heart wrenching at the same time! Another blogging buddy growingyoungereachday said her three year old son was afraid when visiting his sister in hospital because he saw the crucifixes on the wall and figured they hang boys from the wall! Through the eyes of a child!

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