I Have a Dream…I mean..

Mr. Shatner

I Have a Dream….. I mean ….

I had a dream. And it is unusual for me to remember my dreams and I realized that in the deepest dark of night. So I argued with myself about waking up just a little to write it down. It took a bit of persuading as I like my slumbers and hate disturbing them but finally I convinced myself.

This is what I wrote verbatim….
I had a
Melbourne St.
William Shatner
Armaey. (don’t even ask..I have no idea)
(arrow drawn to the word) secrecy
drive way
u were a nurse right?
did you ever have to take care of soldiers in the fields
by taking your clothes off

I am not sure I will write down anything again whilst in the land of nod. The worst of it is I remember dreaming of other things that were more interesting but I simply would not listen to me when I needed to get up again to write it down.

AND the dream was going quite well with a very nice looking chap when all of a sudden I looked up and he had turned into a lecherous William Shatner who wanted to talk me into disrobing!

Nuts. Could have been the cold I had, or the soup or even the licorice. All I know is that the man of my dreams evolved into one not so much of my dreams.

Have you ever tried writing down midnight thoughts and actually been able to read them the next day? Or, since I am seeking info, how many dream of Mr. Shatner? Not that that is a bad thing. I quite like him as an actor. He does do lechery very well.

27 thoughts on “I Have a Dream…I mean..”

  1. You are great.Yyou have been a hero to your familyand one lonely sister. I have grow from your wisdow and from your mistakes and you will always be my hero.

  2. You are never alone . You have your blog you have great friends (some whom are related). But we all have are day. I enjoy your writing .

  3. Chris you did a good job of remembering a great lady . At times i hear her voice and know she is still with us. thanks

  4. You’re right. He does lechery VERY well.

    I’m fascinated that you could talk yourself into waking up, for starters, and then, that you could write that stuff down.

    Heck, I don’t even hear the alarm.

  5. I tried to write things down until I realized that I can’t read my writing while I’m awake, how could I write it when I’m asleep. I use a little hand held voice recorder now and close my eyes. It workd good(unless I mumble). Ha, Ha.

  6. I am happy you fround that body. Don’t you find when you put something safe you never find it again . Is it an age thing.:)

  7. Your dream is full of intrigue and debauchery… LOL! I’ll blame the licorice for sure… I just can’t stop laughing at the Shatner association. Boy and that auto writing was interesting… 🙂
    I’ve been on college visits with my twins hence my absence…
    Finally catching up on comments!

  8. I should write down my dreams when I first awake, because I always forget them in a few minutes. Last week both my husband and I dreamed we were in a Tsunami. It’s funny how our subconscious works, isn’t it?

    1. A friend gave me a book on dream interpretation a few years ago..but none of it matched mine. I have heard there is a message in each dream if we care to look for it. Thanks Jackie!

  9. I used to be able to remember all my dreams, not only the day after but for years on end, these days most of them evaporate as soon as I hit consciousness. As for writing them down just as one wakes…. have tried it, but it’s better to do with ones eyes still closed… trouble is then there’s more chance of getting ink on the sheets…!

    I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt of William Shatner. But I have dreamt of other people I’m not keen on!

  10. dreams can be an endless source of entertainment. I have written down dreams over the years and sometimes been able to make sense of them. Other times, I think it’s just from eating weird combinations of food late at night! heh heh.

    1. I know Joss..it was rather exciting…and I will do it again if I am in a remembering state ..I have paper and pen ready to go..wonder if I should just record on my phone?

  11. Haha! I have never tried to write down my midnight thoughts or wakening from dreams. But maybe I should try now. Or maybe not! It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where he wrote something down during the night because it was so funny in his dreams but he couldn’t decipher it when he was awake. I like that you argued with yourself about whether to wake and write it down or not!

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