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Size does Matter

Size Does Matter…
Yes Virginia There is a Santa Clause But No Honey, Size does Matter

Another inexplicable sleepless night. Well maybe not so inexplicable.  I ate too late and still feel full.  Any dining after eight-thirty is too late for me especially when I am ravenous.  So perhaps it is not the time as much as it is the amount which includes a couple of Moosehead brews.  I must put that on my no fly list – I mean my no no list…again.

Once that stage is set then arrive a whole cast of characters bobbing in and out of my grey cells.  It always starts with a list of things not accomplished and then seques into the specific people linked to either things they need or are going through and eventually into memories.

Linda Cassidy Lewis posted a blog today, I mean yesterday, on The Problem with Writing and how much personal reading one gets done when writing.  There was a tremendous response and some of the respondents said they read themselves to sleep.  Well I did that tonight.  But the problem therein is that if the book is good I get all caught up in the story and am too stimulated to sleep. (Thank you Stephanie Meyer).

So here I am tossing and turning and suddenly for no fathomable reason,my thoughts travel to size.  Does size matter?

In the nineties my oldest son followed his school buddies to Toronto to enter the world of commercial film.  I gave him my cell phone which he thought was pretty cool, until one day a call came.  They were working on a set and everyone had to toss their cells into a bucket.  “Mom, it was embarrassing. Most of the guys have these new smaller phones and mine was a monster.”

So he got himself a spiffy new phone (which was also outsized in a few months.). A lot has changed since our old black heavy stay in one place, party line sharing dial phones of the fifties. (I’ve heard stories!!)

We were amazed in the sixties when Captain Kirk smacked his chest and said, “Beam me up Scotty”  Today we have surpassed communications on the Enterprise.

Just look at computers.  When I was in grade five in the fifties my teacher, Mr. Johnson showed us a movie on reels of course..sigh..about a computer at NASA. Well computers, in the plural.  They were massive.  For a quick peak you can view the next generation puters in the movie War Games with Matthew Broderick.   Anyway Mr. J said, “Someday everyone will have computers in their homes.”   I did not remember the rest of the class. My ten year old mind puzzled that over and over, because for the life of me I could not imagine people being able to build huge rooms onto their homes to accommodate computers.

Now we are talking and working on quantum computers in my city’s University of Waterloo which is so well known that Stephen Hawking is chair of one of the departments.

So yes size matters and it would appear….the smaller the better!
Are there situations today where bigger is better? You tell me.