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Books of the iPad

Charles Dickens

Books of the iPad
When I was a child I wanted to be a writer. Actually I knew I was going to be a writer. I remember the exact instant this information came to me, what the day was like, the actual smell of summer, my foot as it moved from the curb to the road. Strange isn’t it how there are some moments of such clarity that they are almost photographic, that for a millisecond you actually stand outside yourself and watch?  It was not a decision as much as a done deal and I remember wondering exactly what I would write. Why murder mystery of course, published and all best sellers.
I have spent the fives decades between then and now making half baked attempts at writing and full baked excuses why I could not do it. And I must admit it has taken considerable effort to resist the urge to take pen in hand. Almost as much effort as it would be to actually give in and write something. No, that statement is wrong. I have tried writing and it is hard work, an investment, a commitment, and a lot of pressure on the brain cells.
Oh, I’d make a good start, and then the next day my mind would just flit after some other butterfly of a thought. And as of a few months ago, this year, 2011, I ran out of excuses, and had face the real reason I don’t write – fear, of so many things.
The purpose of explaining the above is not to lament my failure, but to recognize what it takes to write and write well. My experience makes me very appreciative of those who are published. When I read I can see the author putting down each word. I imagine the blank page and the first letters appearing whether by pen or keyboard. I appreciate. I savor.
Now we come to the Books of the iPad.
I love the convenience, the thousands of choices, the categories, and the authors, all there for my choosing.
What I find amazing and at the same time sad are the free books. It’s good for me but feels a little like a slap in the face to some great writers.
From the free list..just a few..
Tolstoy, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Einstein, Alcott, Austen, Bronte, Dickens, Conan Doyle, Emerson, Fitzgerald,….and on and on and on.
I picture the making of each word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph. The work, the creativity, the ALL of the whole thing.
So, I feel I just want to acknowledge them, somehow, to say thank you.
You, my heroes of the past may be free, but you are in no way devalued!
Thank you iBooks!


I Have a Dream…I mean..

Mr. Shatner

I Have a Dream….. I mean ….

I had a dream. And it is unusual for me to remember my dreams and I realized that in the deepest dark of night. So I argued with myself about waking up just a little to write it down. It took a bit of persuading as I like my slumbers and hate disturbing them but finally I convinced myself.

This is what I wrote verbatim….
I had a
Melbourne St.
William Shatner
Armaey. (don’t even ask..I have no idea)
(arrow drawn to the word) secrecy
drive way
u were a nurse right?
did you ever have to take care of soldiers in the fields
by taking your clothes off

I am not sure I will write down anything again whilst in the land of nod. The worst of it is I remember dreaming of other things that were more interesting but I simply would not listen to me when I needed to get up again to write it down.

AND the dream was going quite well with a very nice looking chap when all of a sudden I looked up and he had turned into a lecherous William Shatner who wanted to talk me into disrobing!

Nuts. Could have been the cold I had, or the soup or even the licorice. All I know is that the man of my dreams evolved into one not so much of my dreams.

Have you ever tried writing down midnight thoughts and actually been able to read them the next day? Or, since I am seeking info, how many dream of Mr. Shatner? Not that that is a bad thing. I quite like him as an actor. He does do lechery very well.

If you had all the time in the world..

If you had all the time in the world..

I lived such a demanding busy life – once upon a time.  Not that long ago really.  And I prayed for the day when my life would become mine again.  I dreamed of waking up in the morning, stretching, giving thanks then leaping from my bed energized, joyful and ready to take on the world.

I was going to saunter, wander, ponder, think great wise thoughts, write from morn to night and swim in my own brilliance.  Imagine..no stress..no pressure..no deadlines.  My idea of heaven on earth.  For decades I bravely packed away my ideas to raise a family, help heal the sick and stamp out disease, sit on committees, take courses..oh my!

Then a few weeks ago my dream came true.  Talk about boundless joy!  So I read, studied, started a blog, meditated, and now I am at a jumping off place.  I just don’t know to what. I am stymied.  Now the little thought haunts me – you were never a writer but now you have no excuse to shroud that.  Yikes!

Fact is I need to get a job.  Not high profile high stress like my career but something pleasant. Fun.  Something with a Westjet mentality. I believe work should be fun.  I want to bring joy and comfort to others.  Probably part of my nurse persona or maybe it is that persona that made me a nurse. And I still feel like there is something more to contribute to society.

Am I hiding from my dream?  Maybe.  But this week I will face the dragon and write something.  

Manifesting …Chapter Two…

Well back to the Manifesting Journey.

I had reasoned..and we pause here to reflect my capabilities to reason..okay done with that, I had reasoned that dividing the book into chapters, of which there are fourteen, that I could read and comment on one chapter a day.

Well that was a little presumptuous on my part. The content requires a little more diligence than that. Speed reading of sorts I can do but application of principles hmmm seems perhaps a little more time consuming.

The very first page of the second chapter asked that I write down what an absolutely perfect day in my perfect life would look like, from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until the end of the day.WITH as much detail as possible.  It seemed like a fun exercise and I settled down to do it and do it well. I made a few false starts until I found the perfect scenario.  It was realistic therefore conceivable so nose to the grindstone, or more accurately the key board I set forth.

it was fun and it took a day before I finished.  I won’t tell you my perfect day, you have to figure that one out for yourself as for each of us it is an individual quest. But it became my closet…you know the one you do as the very first task in a spring cleaning venue?  Then instead of being able to move on you just keep going back to look at the completed task just to reward yourself for an excellent job,

Well for the next few days I just kept going back to that closet you know ..the piece.  The more I read it the better I felt.  The possibility of actually achieving it rose proportionality with each reading. 

In my perfect day I first awaken at six thirty am and well the next morning I awake exactly at that time. okay Houston we have lift off!

I checked on some of my favorite bloggers and my number one, “on the fringe” has such interesting information wittily done,and genuine blogs. As I perused her excellent site I read some of her previous contributions and found one in particular that caught my interest. Her source of inspiration was a book written by Stephen king about writing.  That was momentous so of course I next had to find the book for myself which I did through my IPad store,  I read it in a day and it was everything she had said it was. and easily as inspiring was the blog she did on it.  That gave hope.

I messaged her on her story absolutely touched by her message and sent her a note telling her.  She gracefully then subscribed to my site. Wow!

So now I see I shall take the journey with Manifesting at a more reasonable pace.  Jaffree and Margot certainly give one lots to think about and by George I will honor it page by page.

So the next thing to tackle is to make a list of past accomplishments. In detail again.  Their directions were to take an hour to accomplish this but  I already know this girl will take much longer…only because I have several decades to cover LOL

So the vision is not dead…I just figure it deserves the respect of proper application, which means a gentler pace.