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If you had all the time in the world..

If you had all the time in the world..

I lived such a demanding busy life – once upon a time.  Not that long ago really.  And I prayed for the day when my life would become mine again.  I dreamed of waking up in the morning, stretching, giving thanks then leaping from my bed energized, joyful and ready to take on the world.

I was going to saunter, wander, ponder, think great wise thoughts, write from morn to night and swim in my own brilliance.  Imagine..no stress..no pressure..no deadlines.  My idea of heaven on earth.  For decades I bravely packed away my ideas to raise a family, help heal the sick and stamp out disease, sit on committees, take courses..oh my!

Then a few weeks ago my dream came true.  Talk about boundless joy!  So I read, studied, started a blog, meditated, and now I am at a jumping off place.  I just don’t know to what. I am stymied.  Now the little thought haunts me – you were never a writer but now you have no excuse to shroud that.  Yikes!

Fact is I need to get a job.  Not high profile high stress like my career but something pleasant. Fun.  Something with a Westjet mentality. I believe work should be fun.  I want to bring joy and comfort to others.  Probably part of my nurse persona or maybe it is that persona that made me a nurse. And I still feel like there is something more to contribute to society.

Am I hiding from my dream?  Maybe.  But this week I will face the dragon and write something.