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Walk While I Can

Awoke before six this morning but determined to extend that between dreams and awake stage.  Ended up abed for far too long. then perused my tablet for any overnight alerts, new emails, FB messages, and possible messages from anyone saying, “I won the lottery and insist on giving it to you.  Nothing.

My Great Britain Cuz emailed to say Day 1 Vacation and it was raining.  My SIL Ontario replied that it was a perfect summer’s day here and that her husband was golfing every day this week.


I knew then this was a Walking Day.

Suitably attired with a large sun hat (see above), lightly made up so I did not scare young children and old ladies, I set out toting my light weight Hamilton Library Bag, my phone, bit o’ cash, and pen and note book.

When I moved to this beautiful neighbourhood 23 months ago, I decided that such a pastoral place would mean daily walks.  My first year I walked doing up to ten thousand steps a day (you know – the declared healthy activity range).   Damned near killed myself.  Have come to the conclusion that new ‘healthy ranges’ need to be set for Baby Boomers’.

I remembered back in the early 90’s – yup 25 odd years ago – when I went to the gym six days a week and after three months was wondrously toned.  So next I joined the Y and in addition to daily weights, and machines did 3 aquatic classes a week.  Again – Damned near killed myself.  Apparently two and a half decades does make a difference.

So the next logical step when faced with failure?  Quit.

Six months  have passed and I have pretty much have done nothing.  Until of course, this morning when I felt ‘the urge’.

New thoughts –

  1. Not getting any younger means I will have a new level of ‘fit’.
  2. Embrace The Pleasure Factor.  Don’t push – enjoy.  Someday I won’t be able to walk due to either death or extreme age.  So enjoy while I can.
  3. Utilize the lovely coffee shop only 1 km away and the lovely cemetery across the road from that where I most enjoy walking.
  4. Then a pleasant walk back home.  Ninety minutes and about 2 miles or 3.2km.  No fuss no muss.

At 70 I have decided the walk is about the pleasure, the moment, the Solitude, and The Gratitude of all I have in this time and place.

Comfort and Joy with minimal discomfort. Ah…..

Foggy Foggy Morning

This is what it looked like this morning as Mommy walks G2 to his Junior Kindergarden class.  I still tend to think that 4 years old is too young for school but oh my he is loving it…now.  It’s a good thing Daddy always has his camera at the ready.

Meanwhile G1 takes off in the other direction to call on his best friend.

Fog has a feeling of comfort for me like I’m all wrapped from head to toe and I love walking in the fog.  The sounds are all muted and while it feels like I am alone for some reason I feel more connected to the earth, to the universe.  It isn’t really a separation in spite of the isolation.  More like an inclusion – in everything.

We’ve had two days of early morning fog and it may be awhile before we see anymore of it.  Meanwhile I just choose to savor the feeling of oneness. And now of course I have this beautiful photo to revisit the moment.