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FITFS Lenore’s Thoughts Exactly

My heroes all have wonderful characteristics that I hope in some way to emulate.  This last Friday of September 2012 (yes I know I am a tad early but I have been late with everything else this week so…) is all about Lenore Diane who is of course talented, and multifaceted.  When I look at her picture and the child grinning in her Babbler About page I think ‘Cheeky’.  Now cheeky is defined by the free dictionary as someone who is saucy and it just takes one look to find myself grinning from ear to ear.

This particular blog was started January 2010 so she has been inspiring us for sometime.  Now of course one blog is not enough for this lady so she can also be found at Kimberly and Lenore where she and her friend give ‘Our View from Opposites Coasts’.  It sounds pretty cool.

Lenore’s comedic wit has a number of outlets and her adoptee ‘Andy‘ whom she acquired through a White Elephant gift exchange is currently travelling the world.  Now it seems very strange to me that an armadillo of any kind came from a White Elephant exchange but he did and then k8edid had the idea to let the poor wee fellow have his desired travels hosted by bloggers.

Clearly the smile on his face is the result of his being entertained in Southwest Florida by K8edid, then Texas by Georgette Sullins (y’all remember this gracious southern belle?), then Judith in New Zealand another of my heroes I am sure you remember, then Virginia Beach, Iowa (sorta) and last in British Columbia.

If you have not yet met this Babbler who Babbles Like a Brook and at the same time spews wisdom for the ages I encourage you to drop in, say hi, and if you think you might like to entertain Andy please do let her know.