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Burn after seeding and other Black Spruce stuff

I spent a couple of delicious hours yesterday at my library, soaking up the ambiance as well as a cranberry scone and black coffee, perusing the newspaper and a copy of Canadian Geographic, and came across this article:From Canadian Geographic

I did not succeed in taking a ‘readable photo, but the article says that the Black Spruce is not regenerating post fire as is should.

My interest in was piqued because of a book I read a few years ago called Through Black Spruce by Joseph Boyden. It really wasn’t it a story about the tree, though, it was a life changing book for me, in many ways, I remember telling people it was the best book I’ve ever read, though no one else found it quite as ground shaking as I.

I had heard before somewhere that nature replenishes forests naturally through fire but I was intrigue that the Black spruce can hold up to something like six years of seeds to be released post fire. I think. I have to go back and read more carefully. 

I know my youngest son told me years ago that all the beautiful trees in our Algonquin forests are relatively young due to fire regeneration, and ’controlled burns’ have been part of our history for hundreds of years.

So if you are up to a bit of reading there is some information below

I spent a couple of delicious hours yesterday at my library, soaking up the ambiance as well as a cranberry scone and black coffee, perusing the …

Burn after seeding and other Black Spruce stuff

May 24 Weekend as in Two Four

Well it is a kind of lolling around weekend here in Canada.  The neighbourhood is quiet and most folk who have not headed out to cottages or camping are puttering at this and that.  May 24 to the young adults means 24 (the number of bottles of beer in a case) but the holiday celebrates the reign of Queen Victoria who ruled the United Kingdom from 1837 until 1901.

Victoria at 18 coronation

That lady would have seen a lot of changes in all those decades and today her style is defined by her name: Victorian; architecture, clothes, morals (although the morals have long since changed drastically).

It’s a day for catch up (having sorted through a couple thousand emails – how do I get so far behind?)  The biography ‘Steve Jobs‘ by Walter Isaacson sits on my reading table awaiting some much anticipated attention and a newly started cross stitch sits beside the TV remote for a planned movie watch this afternoon.

Most of my spare time over the last few weeks has been spent devouring book after book including a reread of the Harry Potter series minus 6 0f 7, Joseph Boyden‘s ‘Through Black Spruce‘ which was gripping and demanded my complete attention deliciously, and completion of the ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ series by Steig Larsson, also delicious.  My reading group of friends is trying to entice my attention to ‘The Hunger Games‘ but for some reason I am resisting.

So thanks to Vicky this is one of those cozy days wrapped in other folks creativity and I cannot complain.  It is also a day for appreciation of family and friends and life in general.  It’s a very hot day, truely summerish and reminds me of other two four weekends when blizzards blew and my sons’ and their friends threw blankets and sleeping bags into the back of cars  and headed off for adventure.

This is tradionally when cottagers head north, east, west, or south, to open their little bits of heaven for the summer and fall.

So dear friends I am off to get the rest of this wonderful day done in pursuit of just plain old content activity.