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Fall Falls

colorful-autumn-trees-lake-23247662It’s a new season and time to change the header and turn thoughts to the cozy and colorful.  My new header is actually an old one I have used before featuring G1 and G2 a few years ago.  The photo still warms my heart.

My outlook today is optimistic at best.  As I look out my window the skies are gray and sunless and the oak and maple and elm trees just hinting at the future beauty we associate with Autumn.

Of course there are places in full color, just not here right now.  Rain is coming very soon, a distant effect of hurricane Joaquin, with accompanying winds.  Though nothing like those in the direct path are experiencing.

The beginning of Fall makes me want to gambol about like a lamb.  Or at least how I think a lamb would gambol.  But I have discovered it is the ‘idea’ of Fall that makes me feel that way.  I always say, “Oh Fall is my favorite time of year.”

If I really look at how I feel when Fall comes I have to admit to a certain sluggishness, a desire to follow the bear into the cave to hibernate.  Hmm now that thought is somewhat appealing.  And of course all that eating to prepare for a winter of sleep.  I could do it!

Our bursts of color and the crispness of the air, is I think nature’s way of apologizing for what will follow.  I am very careful not to bad mouth winter.  As a Canadian subject to clearly defined seasons I make it a practice to never complain about the ‘white’ months.  I really feel anyone who cannot embrace that season really ought to take up residence somewhere else.  I try to respond positively to complainers without being rude and succeed mostly all the time.

But back to Fall.  Color, crispness, calm.  There is nothing better than a walk on a typical day.  I have been trying to walk everyday and last week found myself in a warm down pour that soaked every part of me.  It was a lovely warm day and I felt like a child walking in the rain.  I wanted to gambol about then too, but the neighbours were about so I restrained myself.

In a few days the rain will pass, the sun will shine and I will find myself thinking delicious thoughts about Autumn again.  Our Canadian Thanksgiving is in a week and it is my favorite holiday, one with companionship, a holiday feeling without having to buy gifts.

Giving thanks for what we do have no matter how great or small is so important.

Keeping that Angel Close

Keeping that Angel Close

I had something unpleasant to face today.  My world operates better when it is through rose colored glasses.  Not the make believe unrealistic kind but the ones where I see a silver lining in anything.

I have discovered that it doesn’t matter as much what the world throws at you but how you perceive, how you react to it.  Old Rose Kennedy was just one of many who said that it doesn’t matter it just matters how you handle it.

2011 has been a year of awakening.  I study, I meditate, I give thanks.  Sometimes in all this enlightenment I forget to remain humble and get carried away with the joy of how much I have learned and that is never a good thing.  Giving thanks is essential for happiness but thankfulness cannot be sincere unless one is first humble.

Yesterday was the first time this year a feeling of fear descended upon me.  Over reaction to something that might possibly happen – today.

Then I read The War Fish’s Lair post today and the angel he imagined he had walking with him.  So I took an angel with me.  Imagining it first, then feeling it. And true enough it went well and my state of thankfulness is exactly where and how it should be.