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JB’s Thursday’s Tribulations

This story headlined in Canada also. Unbelievable

“What day is it? asked Winnie the Pooh. 
It’s today, squeaked Piglet. 
My favourite day, said Pooh.

Good afternoon from far away New Zealand. Well far away for many of you!

And today I am in despair. From being praised around the world for how we managed the pandemic, and to a great extent, controlled it; to our Prime Minister being lauded wherever she went – she even took her newborn to the UN; to being in the forefront of the race against single-use plastic, and there is a whole new raft of items that will no longer be allowed from October 6; to finally becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes. And yes, the pun was intended.

Around the world, we/you read of the latest nonsense being promulgated by our government. Headlines around the world proclaim New Zealand outlines plans to tax livestock burps, farts 

And with a population around 5,000,000 we have a cow population around 10,000,000 according to Statistics NZ. So a lot of cows to be numbered and then an appropriate tax determined for each type – beef or dairy. My mind bogles at the nonsense. 

Please excuse me while I hide my face in shame at this new absurdity.


So, it is fourteen days to my son’s wedding and no I am not ready …yet. But that is of little consequence, as I live my life not ready. I tried to change that a few times. You know the not being ready and stuff but I swear it is part of my genetic makeup. And I have faith that it will work out and it always does.
Now I am pretty happy with who I am and how I look. I love my body; the way I move, the way I think, the fact that I do laps most days in the pool, I have energy and I revel in the joy of life. And no I am not particularly attractive nor would I fit anyone’s idea of a perfect weight but that is also of little consequence. I am young, generally only date men years younger as that is where the mutual attraction seems to be, but do not think of myself as age discriminate.
That whole thing is not where I used to be in my head, it has grown and developed over the years. Yesterday my sis and I decided to look through the mall to see what kind of suitable dresses might be out there. One sales lady asked what I was looking for and I told her my son’s wedding.
Well she directed me to a rack and my response was …Oh no they are all too old looking. I’m only sixty-four. I don’t want old lady dresses! She darn near choked on her chewing gum! But that also is of little consequence. No Heimlich maneuvers were required and no sales ladies were hurt.
I decided a little Detox & Cleanse would be in order. Just to perk me up. Though I must confess that I have tried it before and lost interest after a few days. Losing interest in such things is also part of my genetic makeup.
I chose natural capsules of some sort: two twice a day for seven days and then one once a day for seven days because that works into my time frame for said miracle. It promises to; reduce belly bloat ( I did not know that is what excess adipose tissue of the abdomen was), reduce body waste build up (I thought nature sort of took care of that in the form of evacuation of..), support colon and digestive system (is that not the same as above?), support the livers natural detoxification process, make you feel lighter and more energized. Gotta say the last two points sold me.
So no dress yet. Actually a lot of things not done yet, but by all that is mighty my colon and liver should look great for the wedding!
Now I am off to swim and yes to do my taxes, as they are due TODAY!