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Do You Ask Why?

Do You Ask Why?

Susan  posted on ‘Why’ today and when I first began reading it my mind was just rousing after a short nap (Yes when G2 has his quiet time so do I, he because of youth, I because of non youth) and at first her wisdom seemed simplistic,  then the magnitude of what she was saying hit.

It was an ‘of course’ eureka kind of moment.  As an adult the initial thought was…the story of my life.  How many times throughout my career and life had I experienced misadventures instead of adventures because I had failed to ask that very question?  I  immediately thought of the countless times a day that sleeping little boy in the next room asks the same question and we all chuckle at the innocence and repetitiveness, perhaps giving a light hearted or limited response never taking it too seriously.

Then I considered G2 who at eight might ask the question but first considers possibilities and puts forth options of either or.  There is such an amazing difference between the minds of eight and three but both are trying to learn, to make sense of their world with that very question.

I conclude that the worst thing we can ever do is to stop asking.  My world has changed physically somewhat but more importantly there now exists an astronomical change in perspective.  If I had read Susan’s post a couple of months ago I doubt it would have had the impact of today for now I see the world around us from a myriad of angles.

I also conclude the worst thing we can ever do is not to seek the answers to the question when we hear it and to help others around us in their quest.

Do you ask why?
You can find Susan at susanthecoach.wordpress.com

Sunday Morning Epiphany

Sunday Morning Epiphany

I have been thinking about contentment and wondering where the spice of life jumped off my mind rack.

It’s funny that it would be on my mind and that thinking about it would be such a challenge and it is.  The very thought today is niggling and wriggling and just out of grasp of making sense.  And then the clouds of confusion parted as I read my blogs of wisdom and mirth and more wisdom.

BOOM! Right in front of my eyes Susan at susanthecoach.wordpress.com writes:
“So often I hear people talking about being content as if that’s a good thing.”

Whaaat?  It may not be a good thing?  In fifteen words she once again rocked my world.  You see at this juncture in my life I thought the goal was contentment.  Immediately I scolded myself for stupidity, for short sightedness, for allowing a fall into the abyss of paths lost.

I know better than that but somehow I lost sight of the fact that contentment like happiness cannot ever be the goal.  It is the product of our work of our actions.  It is a reward.  We must do we must not just be.

Well Susan, that changes everything in my life.  Everything.  So now I am off to do, to achieve, to live, to accomplish.

And may all of you do wonderful things today also!

What Success Means to Me

Susan The Coach (susanthecoach.wordpress.com) whom I really believe is Susan MY Coach posted today asking “what is success.?”

 She said, “The danger is you can get sucked into needing more and more of someone else’s definition of success and never really feel fulfilled. That’s because, quite simply, you are living someone else’s dream.

Then the minx that she is threw down the gauntlet – “Take the time to really decide for yourself what your definition of success is and then spend as much time and energy as you can going after it. That is the true secret to health, wealth and happiness!”

Now here I am, in bed, ready to snuggle down with a few good chapters before drifting off to the land of Nod.  But I must address this because it is a challenge that will not let me sleep until I resolve this.  I simply cannot chuck this off til the morning to do list as the matter to be considered is already working it’s way through my gray cells, knocking on each little cell door in the dormitory of my cerebrum saying wake up kids we have a problem to solve.

I so have to reschedule reading her in the light of day.

The only thing I can do is challenge myself, right now,  right here, to define My Success.  What would it look like?  This is not any easy question as success for me has always been defined as success in my career.  Something I am retired from and have been struggling with daily since January to try and figure it out.  Perhaps that is why it has become urgent, having spent the last six months like some sixties hippy trying ‘to find myself’.  Wafting along pseudo thinking instead of  down to the  nuts and bolts of it.

Success for me is:

1). Becoming financially responsible, having a plan, a direction.  Becoming fiscally creative.  Date of completion Wednesday July 20, 2011 (for the plan anyway).

2).  Making a positive difference to the daily lives of loved ones. Date of completion begins August 22,  2011 when the Granny Nanny moves to Hamilton. (as Queen of course!)

3). Getting shed of years of clutter to simplify.  True completion befor moving date of August 22, 2011

4). Becoming involved in discussion groups and committees – very important to my sense of contribution and value.

5). Success in physical health.  Working on it now with swimming and Walking Club and will seek out same after the relocation.

6). More dedicated time to blogging and completing my book.  Working on that now, however my schedule will change post move.

So now I will visualize exactly how that will look and put a plan in place to achieve it.

Thanks Susan it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and gives me a base to start with!!

Now off to that Nod thing.

Castle to Dubai=Checkmate -Winning Moves

Wisdom comes to us in many forms. It may be an epiphany, gut, inspirational, learned, or it may be the pure luck of finding wise women and men who cross our paths and we in our own wisdom are smart enough to linger and learn.
There are a lot of purveyors of wisdom out there. Most make sense although not always, most are inspiring but not always and a few actually emulate what they preach. A few walk the walk, talk the talk and believe, not just telling us but showing us, living the message, not preaching the message.

Susan is

These unique individuals live the ‘Why’ of Simon Sinek knowing it is not just the ‘what’ or the ‘how’ of what we do but the why and being able to communicate the why. (check him out on Youtube)
Susan Castle is Susan The Coach at susanthecoach.wordpress.com and at
www.outwiththedots.com .

Susan is

Having the privilege of handing out awards of recognition to fifteen people over the next couple of weeks I have taken a little twist on tradition by listing seven things about each awardee. I wouldn’t know where to begin for fear of minimizing the greatness contained there in.
Instead I have copied a comment Susan sent to me regarding my post on integrating into a new culture, which really has nothing to do with empowering people…to unconventional wisdom, but is a good introduction to Susan the person. No crazy hype here just wisdom on becoming. If you do just one nice thing for yourself today then click on the links.
Submitted on 2011/06/29 at 3:48 am
Moving to Dubai from Edinburgh was a huge culture shock but not as hard as it could have been because, even though its not the official language (Arabic is), English (or at least some form of it) is the universal language here! I arrived in July to temperatures of 46 degrees centigrade, on the day I left Scotland it was hovering soggily just above 10!! At least the sogginess was familiar – humidity was over 75%!
The great thing about Dubai is that 85% of the people here are expats – we’re all in the same boat so for the most part everyone is very open to new friendships. The less great thing is if you’re not careful you can end up stuck in a group of your compatriots and never really experience the wonderful diversity that Dubai offers.

Susan is

Congratulations Susan for being consistently Versatile, Stylish and Irresistible!