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I’ve Got Your Back JanieG


I have Your Back JanieG

The times they are a changin’

In this year of losing control

Our lives are battered by circumstance

As we tumble, stumble and roll.

A year of deep frustration

To many in our inner fold,

Lives ripped from comfort existent peace,

As we tumble, stumble and roll.

You are my best friend and sis,

My rock and buffer when winds blow.

My back to reality check when

As we tumble, stumble and roll.

Nary a day passes by

Without a tea, a laugh or crow

About the day, our victories when,

As we tumble, stumble and roll.

We all will find our footing.

This turbulence and wind will go

And while the miles will be a bit more

As we tumble, stumble and roll

The essence of what we are,

Cast in genes and love will console.

The miles are few, the laughs are many

As we tumble, stumble and roll.

You’re not losing your best friend,

And we are gaining more control

As those vicious winds calm  no more will

We tumble, stumble and roll.

Signed with love, as you love to say,

Your Royal Highnass!

When is a Burning Bridge a Jerk?

When is a Burning Bridge just a Jerk?

I had the opportunity today to be the bigger person.  And I did it.  Good for me you say?

The truth is…I should have done it a week ago.

I have a sister.  One of two actually.  She is the middle sister.  I have a theory about middle children and I am not sure if there is supportive legitimate documentation any where, but I consistently find  those siblings are tenacious, stubborn, combative and in their own way the most lovable.  Oh yeah and she thinks she is the boss of me.  Of the world in fact.  Kay maybe that is a slight exaggeration.

This is the kid, and I still think of her that way, that used to spit at babysitters, blatantly rebel at parents and teachers, run away (once), and argue every point arguable.

Anyway for the last couple of weeks I have heard from a couple of other family members that midsis thinks I should do something about a particular situation.  She has not called me directly.

So I patted myself on the back that I was able to stay out of the squabbling.  Squabbles are rare in my family and I can’t remember the last fracas I was involved in directly. Since this is a confession of sorts I should tell you that whilst I have not been directly involved, the subject of the squabble was frequently me.

How virtuous of me!  Well the fact is that by staying out of it, her anxiety over the situation just kept escalating.  And I knew that would happen.  And at first I found it amusing.  What she wanted me to do would add some stress to a challenging situation.

And then today I remembered that she has a best friend in the last stages of cancer.  That she has other worries and concerns.  I have let her know today that I have got things covered and offered supportive thoughts for her with her friend.

I hope her worrying and anxiety will decrease now.  No one wants their loved ones worrying needlessly.  I wish I had done it weeks ago. And today I must admit – this burning bridge has been a jerk!