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Image of the Frozen North

We are a little confused here in the Frozen North.  I am not talking about the Arctic but southern Ontario Canada. Of course we are not ‘the Frozen North’ to everyone but I do have friends of the non-Canuck variety who think anything beginning with ‘Cana’ and ending with ‘da’ qualifies.

We should be in a winter freeze by now and while many of us complain about the Jack Frostiness of the season we accept it.  Never mind those of the ski and snow board ilk who are spending their time sadly going through photos of the past (last year) and telling their children of the good old days when we had white stuff on roads, walks, driveways and hills.  Naturally the purveyors of winter sports are suffering mightily and hopefully Santa did not leave any sleighs under Christmas trees in this part of the world.

The green green grass of home remains so, appearing more like spring than winter. Even, or maybe more so, nature is thoroughly confused.  We have a very old beautiful Magnolia tree in the back yard that has buds on it as pictured here.  The poor thing doesn’t know what it should be doing.

Magnolia Tree with Buds

Now the pic of the Playhouse is the same regardless of season but I couldn’t resist adding it.  My son built it a few years ago for G1 and my DIL painted it free hand.  Pretty impressive I think.

Scooby Play House

Oh and the kitty?  Well that is Jewels who has laid claim to the laptop tray.  She is pleasant enough although she is deaf so she has no idea of the volume of her meows.  We have two other white cats, one called Scout actually just came to live with us, is three years old and affectionate.  Then there is Jack who has been here a few years and who since Scout arrived has taken a dislike to me, swiping at my legs when I walk by him.  Perhaps he thinks I brought Scout in.  Scout is a male also so perhaps there is a territory thing going on.  With all of this we have poor Bree our one year old yellow lab.  She is lovely, affectionate and completely over run by the felines.