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DP CHALLENGE: This is Your Life To Read or Not to Read?

Well I ;guess that is the question of the day and the very thought starts my mental salivating glands..well..salivating.  The exact prompt is: If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you?  If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

Why is the consideration of this action intriguing? 

I think it comes down to only 2 choices,  You cannot just read the past, you are obligated to read the future.  For those who believe in fate the reading of the future would not be a difficult choice.  You read it and you accept it.

For those who do not believe in fate the reading of the future will simply be entertainment.  Let the book say anything for you believe in Free Will.

But there are some, at least there is one – me- who believes there is a certain degree of pre destiny but we all have the free will to follow it or not.  Sometimes I think that those with the most successful lives are the ones that recognized choices and felt drawn to one decision or another.  When we choose another path other than the ‘right’ one, our lives get a little rockier than needed.  As I write this I think maybe there is a dose of malarkey there, except something similar but clearly unexplainable is behind that thought.

For folks like myself who hold this kind of belief we would have no problem reading the whole book, because we would realize that even though our past actions led us down the path to the predicted future, we would still have some choice in changing it.

Regardless of the past, regardless of the predicted future, what we choose in this very moment, and every  moment after that, we write the story of our lives and it will never be a straight line leading to a pre-conclusion.

This very thing is what strengthens our hope for the future.  We do not have to remain what we have been and what we are.  Each single minute or second can change that with every thought.

Yup – I would definitely read the whole book!