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I Am Canadian! So saith G1


Well I got my preChristmas wish for snow a couple of days after that day.   And it was wonderful!  About a week or ten days of wonderful.  But yesterday things took a turn.  Big warm thirsty winds carrying us about the freezing mark are sweeping through and icicles began dripping yesterday and the white stuff on the ground is disappearing.But Monday and Tuesday after school has been fun. The boys preferred playing in their own front yard rather than the park. The weather was the perfect chill.  Some people may think of perfect chill when talking of fine wines.  Me?  When its crisp enough to play outside in fresh air and cheeks turn  that lovely pink and tunnels, forts, and igloos are all that occupy busy young minds.Jan 5th 2013 006


When I picked up the children from school Monday G1 was not wearing his gloves.  They are in my bag he said, too wet to wear. On arrival home there was no consideration of coming into the house.  First on the agenda was about an hour of play, romping, jumping, sliding, imaginations afire of great conquests.

I will  go into the house and get you dry gloves I told G2.  And then he said – Okay Grandma but if you don’t its okay.  Do you know why?

Well I could not think of an answer.  Who wouldn’t want warm dry hands?

Do you know why I said that Grandma, he asked again.

Because I AM CANADIAN.  I am Canadian grandma and do you know what that means?

No, said I wondering where all this was going.

I AM CANADIAN and that means I don’t really need gloves in snow.  Because I AM CANADIAN do you know I could be out here playing naked and it wouldn’t bother me.

I didn’t ask.  All I thought was how much pride he had in saying it.  Obviously he believes Canadians are a heartier sort of people than others.  Good for him.

Me?  The only time I have uttered those words with such glowing pride  – I am sad to say – is when I am ordering beer! molson canadian

Granny Nanny Day One

The Granny Nanny Experiment Day One

This is a different situation for me!  My son and daughter in law live in a city about an hour from my home.  DIL has been fortunate to stay home with home with the boys except for a few weeks a year, here and there when she does vacation relief at her old clinic.  This is one of those weeks and for the first time ever I have come to stay and take care of the boys. And the dog.  And two cats.  Oh and my two budgies Max and Ruby.

The first thing before eight a.m. today was a trip to the drugstore for Reactine. I never think of myself as having allergies but I require it once or twice a week..and staying in the animal house I need it daily.
I always carry it..in my purse, in my wallet.  So yesterday I pack up for the week taking everything including the birds just to discover I am Reactine lacking.  I searched through every bag and suitcase last night convinced I could remember packing it.

This is hardly the end of the day being only six forty-five pm but I am done in.  Exhausted. Mincemeat. One big ache..perhaps all the aches in the universe packed together.  I think my hair hurts.

Early, right after breakfast we were on our way to the local park. Grandson 2 who just turned three, insisted he had to bring his basket containing Sonics.  I was fine with this but it turns out G2 can only carry his basket in his right hand.  Grandson 1 who is seven gamboled and jumped and ran as we progressed down the street. There is nothing nicer than a three year old holding your hand as you walk along.

The complicating factor was the dog.  Bree is a five month old yellow lab.  Beautiful dog but a powerful beast.  Because my right hand was otherwise occupied it meant holding the leash and a baggy thing in my left hand.  This was good for about fifty feet.  Cramping in my hand, constant pup pulling and I knew I would have to change hands.  This did not go over well with G2. 

The park is about half a mile away.  The sun was shining and no winter wind.  We took our time.  It was a perfect day for slides, climbing and swings.  On arrival I secured the monster pup beast to a cement pillar.  I did not judge distance well and as I turned to check on the kids, the dog tripped me.  Falling is a strange sensation.  It really does feel like slow motion.  I had all the time in the world to think as I fell.  I thought curses or something similar.  I thought of my cell phone left back home in my purse. I thought of fractured hips.  And then I still had time for more curses.

Skinned palms, and one skinned knee and I knew I would live.  Thereafter it was pushing swings, playing hopscotch and lots of running.  The walk home was relatively uneventful because I think all of us were a little played out.  After lunch G1 and I headed to the yard.  Scooters, more jumping, more running.

By five o’clock everything was beginning to seize up – big time but I still put in another half mile to walk one of the boys’ friend home.

Exhaustion reigns……Meantime I wanted to jot down at least a few words although I have no idea if they make any sense. Oh yes and a few minutes ago one of the two huge white cats attacked my bird cage knocking them to the floor.

Well tomorrow is another day.  Planning swimming, jumping and running.  Falling is not on the agenda!

A Perfect Day Redefined

A Perfect Day Redefined

There are so many days that end with me thinking, “now that was a perfect day!”

This one most surely tops them all.  I woke up later than I intended and got a message that my daughter in law was ill.  My son was not home and the oldest grandson who is seven was in school.  I called my DIL to let her know I would come and pick up my youngest grandson who turns three next week to give her some rest time.

They live an hour away so it took some patience on my part to diligently fill the car with gas and to check the windshield washer fluid.  Good thing I did as the weather was clear winter fine but every vehicle in front of me made sure my blue..well now white car ..had a good solid layer of road salt and gunk sprayed relentlessly from their rear wheels.  I did catch on that if I drive far enough behind them I miss the auto shower, or that if I daringly speed ahead of them then they are blessed in turn.  However that does not work when they gang up on you and throw in a big monster long hauler who has super sharing abilities.  

I must admit that sometimes I do listen to wiser folk, one of whom is most often My sister Jane.  Her theory is that if some fool – and that is just my particular fond label, not hers – in front, decides to travel at speed limit or less, it is meant to be as there is probably a very responsible hard working constable near by just waiting to nail your …uh lead foot.

This day I chose to listen to her advice.  No gunning of the engine or risky passes to prove my membership in the Richard Petty Club, or even the mutterings casting doubt on the offenders intellect or parentage.  And a mighty good decision it was.  Within the first ten minutes I encountered the familiar flashing lights with three cars stopped only kilometers apart. The boys in blue must have been having an otherwise slow day, no doubt having solved every outstanding heinous crime.  Lesson grasped and learned- I proceeded calmly.

Now to see the little face, belongings packed and excited the moment  he saw me was the reward.  Alas my intentions while seeming to be the comfort of my DIL were in fact of a more selfish nature.  It was grandma time!   My grandsons adore me partly because I always tell them they have the coolest grandma in the world.

So the best day began.  First I had to be sure there was an extra set of clothes – learned that one after our last trip which involved us wearing most of his chocolate milk.  Then a checklist confirmation for a bathing suit and his epipen (for the peanut allergy).  And his fav yellow blanket in case of a needed nap or snuggle. Hugs and kisses from Mommy and we were all set.

The chatter over the next hour was amusing, confusing and a blast as much of what he has to say..and there is plenty at this age..just not all of discernible.  Now he knew the itinerary: meet my sister in law and her soon to be four year old grandson at MacDonald’s at a play center.  Play for a bit then off to my place where I have a large indoor pool. 

G2 was a little shy at first but that did not last long.  Then it was all about running, jumping, climbing, falling and it went on for a couple of hours.  I could see he was tiring so I considered just taking him home and skipping the rest.  But he knew his schedule and when that little voice says…not this way, not my house, Gamma’s house I redirected my point of intent.

He loves my home, the underground parking, the elevator, the buttons on the elevator, my budgies, my bed..well everything.  We chased and laughed getting his trunks on – well he laughed and I chased.

The pool is large and warm and he is not shy about getting in the water.  Matter of fact he quickly remembered the last time he and his brother were there when his brother taught him to jump in from the side.  Jump into my waiting arms that is. So the game was on and I have no idea exactly how many hurling banshee roaring flying objects I caught but it was sufficient to finally tire him.  Then it was immediately in the bath and shower..simultaneously.  He retrieved a small and only slightly outdated yogurt from the fridge then it was dressing – some chasing amid gales of laughter involved and off home.

It took him less than five minutes to fall asleep.  Once home it was more cuddle time with a sleepy boy then some quality time with G1 with whom I made a date for us to go out the following week.

Now that is living.