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The Perfect Day

What is a perfect day for you?

For some I imagine it a day full of unbelievable surprises like winning the lottery, or giving birth, or meeting your soul mate, or finding your inner strong self.  I suppose it could be a raise at work or recognition for a job well done or maybe just not getting caught in the wide arc of fecal material after it hit the rotary blades.

For those with devastating illnesses or acute/chronic pain or heartache it could just be a day where nothing gets worse than it already is and you have the strength to just be.

What is a perfect day for you?

Me? I had one of those days yesterday and the one word to describe the perfection? It flowed. No bumps, no tantrums, no surprises. It flowed and felt smooth. I surprised myself when this thought occurred to me last evening. No drama. A welcome peace. I imagine my description of a perfect day even a year ago would have been different.

What is a perfect day for you?

Laid Low By Fibro Major Flare Up #1 2012

Apologies all.  I had some rather witty things to say today regarding cheek bones but have encountered major flare up from old friend who I conquered years ago but drops in to let me know I am still vulnerable now and then. There are measures but like any super hero – must retreat to Bat Cave, Ice Palace etc etc to recharge.  Energy very low pain high ..off to rest 100%.  My doc reminds me that for as bad as a flare up can be for me I do recover while somewith Fibro live like this always.

Please drop in and see my friend Joss Burnel at crowingcrone.wordpress.com. and link upto her. B.E.W.E.L.L. site.  Joss is our resident expert on Fibro and just published a great book on the subject.

Like the Phoenix I shall rise again…..confirmed size effect..drama!