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Following in the footsteps…..Jaime

I have a few, well quite a few blogs I read everyday – must read everyday even when I cannot find the time to blog or actually have nothing to say. (Who ever thought such a thing could happen to  me?)

What has me stymied is that many bloggers actually have a system or plan to what they post and for the life of me I cannot find a personal theme and through my own good taste read only the best of the best.  (This statement may not be 100% accurate as one cannot possibly read every blog to determine the best.  Let’s just say everyone I have on my list excels.)  Amazingly enough it is the excellence of my bloggers that has made me feel a certain degree of shyness in putting my own contributions forward and the frequency of my posts and my writing in general has suffered mightily.  So still feeling overwhelmed by the sharing the stage with the greats I have pledged to return to blogging daily in the hopes that my personal genre will become evident since not writing at all has done nothing good for me. Nuts, there I go getting off track.  I guess what I am trying to say – short story long is that for a bit I would like to follow in the footsteps of these great folk. The order of presentation from day to day is not related to best first since I consider all I read ‘best’.

Today I am looking at Jaime who has a couple of things going regularly one of which is her ‘What I learned this week’ series.  Now I don’t have the patience to choose articles over a week but there is usually one day of the week in which the news reported seems just plain ridiculous and begs comment.

1)  Food Fetish Teacher * previous post of The Ontario College of Teachers   I have long had an issue with this College for its ability to hide teachers’ crimes from the public.  There have been changes – thankfully or rather nauseatingly.  Gavin Bradford lost his licence for inappropriate sexually laced on-line  web cam conversations WITH AT LEAST 21 OF HIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS.  Sorry about the shouting but the worst part is that this all happened in 2006.  Investigations started in 2007 a full year before this jerk actually resigned.  Shame, shame, shame on you College of Teachers.  Obviously child safety in Ontario, Canada matters everywhere except in the school system where children spend their whole childhood.

2)  Beware the libraries in Ontario.  Seems that sniffer dogs (specializing in bed bugs) have picked up the scent of BEDBUGS in our libraries.  While no live bedbugs were found in the books, the eggs were.  I immediately thought of my friend who loves her library.  She will be weirded out.  Too bad they can’t teach sniffer dogs to dig up fetish freaks in education.

3)  “Slut walk returns”.  Never heard of this before and I immediately pictured something like Hollywood’s walk of fame and wondered if the city was building a special walkway for local sluts but discovered instead it is a walk to combat sexual violence and victim blaming.  I wonder if sexual violence to non-sluts is also covered?

4) “Cops bust 154 drivers in Binbrook”  Nice.  Too bad they did not put the same effort into busting bad teachers.

Well that pretty much covers today.  There probably is more but to tell you the truth I am sick of news for now.  At least I did not come across anything about TomKat divorce.  I know I would not be able to keep my breakfast down on that one.


Scuzbag Educator Resigns..Straight From Vancouver Sun

Ontario educator resigns over erotic novel for teens



Book cover: The Sexteens and the Fake Goddess.

Photograph by: Handout., Handout.

A prominent Ontario educator resigned Wednesday amid controversy over an erotic novel featuring an under-aged teen who joins an “aphrodisiac cult.”

Jacques Tremblay, who was chairman of the discipline committee for the Ontario College of Teachers, co-authored the 2008 book, The Sexteens and the Fake Goddess. The novel, written for teens, features a high-school freshman described as having a “gorgeous bosom” and “barely fleshy buttocks” exploring her sexuality.

The college’s website on Wednesday said Tremblay had resigned his position as a committee chairman and council member of the college because of the controversy.

The College of Teachers regulates and certifies public teachers in Ontario. Its discipline committee is responsible for conducting hearings into allegations of misconduct and incompetence of teachers.

“I have accepted Mr. Tremblay’s resignation,” the group’s chairwoman Liz Papadopoulos said in the online statement. “The college makes every effort to maintain public confidence in the teaching profession’s self-regulatory processes.”

Tremblay, who could not be reached for comment, is still a teacher with the public French-language school board in eastern Ontario, and is in good standing with the College of Teachers.

The college’s website says he is high school teacher with 16 years of experience, and is also a writer of “fiction and non-fiction books related to self-growth and education.”

A website for the Sexteens book promotes it as a “novel for teens and adults” and adds it is “the most controversial teen novel that will change your life forevermore.”

The cover features a boy and girl, both topless with their backs toward the viewer and facing a silhouette of the CN Tower. The girl is wearing a cowboy hat and a short white skirt.

In the novel, main character Leila Montana is introduced as a “young teen” just starting high school. She is also joining a group called the Sexteens’ Select Society.

As she awaits initiation into this mysterious alliance, the book describes her appearance as follows: “Her half-open shirt divulges the roundness of her gorgeous bosom. Leila’s particularly short skirt exposes her barely fleshy buttocks.”

There are several other detailed references throughout the book about the bodies of Leila and other girls.

Taking an oath to the mysterious society, Leila promises to “develop my teenage life at my own rhythm inspired by the aphrodisiac cult, which is based on the power of love and the emancipation of my sexuality.”

On the day after the initiation, “Leila wakes up and feels a new energy swelling within her. . . . Despite her efforts, however, Leila can’t remember what really happened. She is peaceful and undisturbed by this lapse of memory. Meanwhile, Leila feels a very light, but quite pleasant, tingling on her upper right buttock.”

This society’s website “acts as a support throughout each step of teens’ sexual discoveries. It encourages a positive sex life while exploring eroticism and sensuality.”

The other writers are Marie-Ange Gagnon — reportedly Tremblay’s wife — and Frederic Tremblay.

The villain of this story is the deputy headmaster of St-Valentine High School, Harry Dick. He doesn’t allow girls to wear provocative clothing, but is discovered to have pornography stored on the school computer and be part of a cocaine ring.



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There is Bad, Perverted, Stupid, Incompetent.. Then There is The Ontario College of Teachers and Jacques Tremblay

There is Bad, Perverted, Stupid, Incompetent.. Then There is The Ontario College of Teachers and Jacques Tremblay

An author, The Sexteens’ author is almost the worst kind of human trash imaginable, promoting through publication of his book softporn for teens.  According to today’s edition of The Hamilton Spectator his book ‘chronicles the sexy adventures of Grade 9 girls and boys at a mythical Toronto high school.’. (striptease, sexual touching, orgasm, blackmail, two mail teachers having a threesome with a female student.on and on…

So let’s see that would make the kids about thirteen years old.

What people choose to write and read is up to them.  This post has nothing to do with censoring or taste.

What it has to do with is the fact that the author is one of the most important education officials in the province of Ontario.  This (in my opinion only) slime is a watchdog, presiding over the colleges disciplinary committee.  He is chair of this committee which deals with teachers ‘alleged to have violated the trust of students and the public through sexual assault, verbal and physically abusive attacks, or incompetent behaviour.’

His name is Jacques Tremblay and while the very thought of him turns my stomach I am even more appalled at the Ontario College of Teachers.

Oh and it’s not a new publication.  It was published in 2008.

The inmates are in control of the asylum and the first thing they are doing is to protect bad teachers and help your thirteen year old achieve orgasm and jump to a seamier side of life all in the name of education.