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Fishing ….. For Advice

Fishing..for Advice

I can’t think of a memorable fishing experience mostly because I haven’t done it however I am looking for some experts in the tried and true of three year old night fears.  I wondered that G2 had not gone through that stage yet, however this week it began.

Seems there are people coming out of his curtains and those wicked shadows once so nonthreatening have taken to scaring this little boy. Having read up on all kinds of advice, it occurred to me that I have a host of blogging buddies who are experienced and I would love to hear about what has worked what has not.

G2 is having a physical and imagination growth spurt, the imagination being delightful during daytime hours.

What has worked for you?

 Please help me reel in a winning solution cause there is nothing quite like a tired little boy!

Night Fears