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I thought I’d take a look around..

Some of the news that has nothing to do with:
Autumn, (you have no idea how difficult it is to pass this by), Political stupidity, or Death and Destruction.

Yes there is a lot of all that going on. But we need a change. A brief respite:

YE Never thought I would every write a thing about this fellow but I must say his latest stunt for attention is out there even for him. Kanye West was at a fashion show and wore a shirt with an image of Pope John Paul 11 on the front and on the back the words WHITE LIVES MATTER. Well, if that didn’t put the fox in with the hens. I happen to believe ALL LIVES MATTER, but I guess the words used by West, are the same used by the Klu Klu Klan and others of that ilk. He also dressed several of his black models on the runway in those shirts.

Loretta Lynn has died peacefully at 90. Quite an amazing life from a true Coal Miner’s Daughter. The movie Coal Miner’s Daughter with Cissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones is one of my favourites. TLJ actually resembled Mooney her husband.

Chess Grandmaster likely cheated more than a hundred times. Somehow with the state of the world I am not surprised. These last few years it seems decency and FairPlay was just an illusion in every arena.

FAA is going to announce a rule allowing more rest for flight attendants. So if one snuggles down in the seat next to you SHHHHHH

Bella Hadid stood in front of a live audiences at a Paris fashion show, same as Ye’s and had 2 people spray her dress on. Yup, she stood naked except for nude underwear, and 2 scientists sprayed her with a misty liquid that transformed almost instantly into a wearable material. Honest.

That one deserves a photo:

Question: this dress can be returned to liquid and sprayed on again. Bit dicey if it rains? Well, I think that is all the news I can handle tonight, so I bid you adieu from North of 43