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It occurs to me…

*Two months since NY. Resolutions (called goals by some). Where are you on yours?

Last year I had an 80% success on my goals and pleased with the result set three more goals for 2019.

By January 22nd I scrapped all three and did a reset. Important to do this if you want to succeed. Sometimes our goals are just a wish list. It occurs to me the key to success lies in assessment and action. We either continue or reset. I reset to four measurable, attainable goals that deal with Finance, Healthy Eating, Business Development, and Writing. I did not just scrap them but took the time and documented exactly why they were being scrapped and what was replacing them.

* Business development is really quite a small thing, but I decided to turn my hobby time into a teeny tiny business. Having spent the last eight years in retirement doing what I loved, it occurred to me that I could assign an actual worth to what I do. So GCK was born. GrannyChrisKnits is being developed. Baby steps. GrannyChrisKnits@mail.com. Recent projects in demand:

Gryffindor has a new 11 year old Wizard

This hat is a warm chic favourite.

This sweater in both bulky and non bulky are in great demand

Lots of hats and mittens

*The Writing goal took a bid of serious contemplation. A love of words and intriguing story lines were not enough to drive me forward. My one underlying thought for this year is, ‘Enjoy what you do, and Do what you enjoy” I found I have a skill at reviewing books and articles and can present thoughtful and at times witty observations. I discovered this when I joined a Canadian Authors group where we write but also critique the works of other members. During discussions at month’s end I found I expressed some insights that surprised me. I stopped feeling guilty at what I had not written, and started to be excited at what I was reading and doing. I also belong to a book club that meets once a month called, Crime and Coffee.

My progress in all things this year was held up a bit due to the loss of a dear dear friend and Aunt who passed January 23rd. It occurs to me grief uses a lot of energy and whilst I have continued to move forward it has been at a slower pace. Her memory is an inspiration. Nuff said on that.

* I found myself wondering this week what the value of apology is. Aside from a public show of regret, that may not be at all sincere, but is required for political purpose (as we have seen on this week’s news), what truly is the purpose? If I feel guilt about something I did, and I approach the wounded party (no matter how much time has passed) and I beg forgiveness, am I really trying to make the other person feel better or just myself? It occurs to me that if I express regret at causing hurt that is fine. But if it is an apology that ends with, ‘Please please forgive me.’ Then I think that is a problem. I guess it is important to say you are sorry but it is not okay to saddle the wounded person with a demand for forgiveness. Hmm What think you?

*It occurred to me this week that Drama is over rated in our lives. I am wondering if great excitement is just an energy sapper. Spewers of drama are exhausting and I think sometimes the Message is lost is the Swirl of Energy. I recently read ‘Born A Crime’ by Noah Trevor about his life in South Africa. It was raw, real, and by being without great drama it encouraged serious thought and consideration. An excellent book.

I’ve been watching a lace curtain of snow fall outside my window this morning. It occurs to me that Spring will be most welcome.

On to another week. March 1st came in like a lamb. It occurs to me it might go out like a lion. Then again it might not,

Damn the Resolutions Enjoy the Party!

This New Years  for some reason had an unusual peace about it, at least in my mind.  I did not look ahead, did not plan, I just took one day – no – one minute at a time and lived it.  I just was.

And no I was not stoned or under any influence, or zipped or zapped on enthusiastic thoughts, I just was.  I am wondering why such a simple thing is so difficult to explain.  You will just have to take my word for it.  Every thing seemed as it should be.

Dec. 29th we, my brothers and sisters had our annual Brothers and Sisters dinner at S &D’s house.  You may recall last year this same brother in law created raucous laughter and joy that lasted the whole year when he tried to compliment my sister, his wife of 46 or so years on the new recipe she used for the lasagna, by saying how moist it was and that for 35 years he had always found the lasagna dry and how perfect this one was – at which time she yelled ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT FOR 35 YEARS YOU HAVE BEEN EATING DRY LASAGNA?’

That line lasted for the year and when we arrived by BIL said he wondered what he would say this  year at which point one of my brothers said it was his turn.  Mind you his line which I shall not repeat here did not bring roiling laughter mostly because his wife did not find it as funny.  It was a fabulous evening and my BIL and Sis are great hosts.

Normally if there is not a house party somewhere I don’t usually go out and my sis J and I will spend a quiet eve.  This year my other bro and SIL got last minute tickets to my fave place The Commercial Tavern in Maryhill.  I’ve posted on some of the past concerts that took place in this very old, very quaint country bar.  J & I succeeded then in getting what probably were the last 2 tickets available.

We did rest up during the day because sundown comes relatively early for us and on this night we were ‘going to be like big people and stay up late’

Like our Brothers and Sisters dinner the evening was delightful, effortless and perfect.

The Commercial Tavern as you may know is owned by Paul Weber.  He and his family are incredibly talented especially his sister Sue for whom I feel a particular attachment.  Not for any definable reason, just one of those things that happen occassionally when you meet someone.  A very spontaneous reaction.

Paul Weber The Commercial Tavern
Paul Weber The Commercial Tavern
Paul Weber and Steve Richtaritsch (Black Forest Band)
Paul Weber and Steve Richtaritsch (Black Forest Band)









And don’t believe for one moment that sax in country music isn’t sexy.  Steve Richtaritsch who manages and plays in Black Forest Band is the best.  Steve said that many years before when he first met Paul he suggested they play together and Paul hesitated wondering how a sax could ever fit in with country.  Well fit in it did.

Sue and Hubby getting ready to rock 'Red Solo Cup'

Sue and Hubby getting ready to rock ‘Red Solo Cup’


Paul’s sister Sue has long been one of my favorite voices as well as people.  She did an amazing job and everyone joined in.  Sue’s voice has that Loretta Lynn kind of timbre to it that wraps its arms around you and draws you right in making you feel all delicious and warm.







Then another member of the family, Uncle Jim who has been singing forever warmed the hearts and soles, (that’s soles of your feet) as we clapped and pounded our feet in time.  Uncle Jim stops by now and again to brighten our lives and I am sure glad he did this time to see in 2013!



Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim









Then the best kind of treat ever – Pam Miller who if you have not heard before I hope you will make time to now.  This lady (if I call her a young lady it may label me as the opposite.)  This young lady brought everyone to their feet.  She is amazing.  In addition to being talented she is fun, tolerant (I sat near by so she spent the evening listening to my rendition of every song played), and a joy to behold!

Me and Pam Miller Talent Beauty and Charm - and she was pretty good too!
Me and Pam Miller Talent Beauty and Charm – and she was pretty good too!

All of these people, and more played us into the new year, sweetly, smoothly, charmingly, effortlessly.  It was the best New Years I have ever had.

If you get a chance to come visit that would be wonderful, in the mean time you can find out all about Paul and The Commercial here.  By the way I love this fun site!