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Attempting Chapter One..wild horses..gremlins et al

The first Chapter. The Manifesting Manual by Jafree Ozwald and Margot Zaher…….Will it work??

I found this first chapter a little overwhelming.  It seemed pretty simple at first by asking me to determine exactly what I would want to manifest.  Not too hard to figure out.  It also says in the intro that to increase manifesting abilities you must do Chapter Nine every day for ninety days.   Will check that out when I get there.

It got into comparing the mind with wild horses and I was uncomfortable with this for some reason.  Then it got into Negative Gremlins which hold all our negative thoughts and steps in how to eliminate this.

Somehow there was a fair bit of discomfort, and I was not sure if this just does not make sense to me or if in fact the negative thoughts are that difficult to deal with.  I did the three exercises or meditations.  One was for fifteen to twenty minutes, then another for thirty minutes and then a third.  I decided to combine them into one session and set my timer.  I did not make the whole time so will try again later today.

So it seems to me that this first part was about determining exactly what I want to achieve and shifting my energy from a negative to a positive.  It’s about letting go of doubt, fear, skepticism, isolation and separation.  All of existence is energy never ending.  It’s about curiosity.  It’s about Joy.

So far I am buying into this.  I have known for a long time now that circumstances may not change but a good day vs a bad day seems to be in the attitude.  I have also found that a positive attitude definitely attracts good things.  I just want to live it more consistently – to be better at it.