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Living Two Lives

Living Two Lives

So truth be known I never completely left my ‘other’  life when I took on the role of Queen of Hamilton or Granny Nanny depending on the POV.  Most weekends I return to Kitchener and stay with my sister who lives in the same wonderful building I lived in..you know..the one with the pool and the wonderful view over the city.  Our life would not be considered wild by most standards..it usually includes dinner with friends rampant with laugh and innuendo and the gut wrenching joy of memory.

My sister..also known as Sister Act in my comments had a RAK (random act of kindness)  performed on her today.  She and her daughter Janice were at breakfast and when she asked for her bill she was given a card which read ‘random act of kindness.  Some stranger paid her bill and passed the card to her.  So now the impetus is on her to pass it on.  Pay it forward.

We should all be passing it…paying it forward…what would you do?