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Just What is all the Fuss with Handbags / Purses?

Purses perplex me.  I don’t mean those little portable pockets to hold change.123rf.comI mean bags, handbags or whatever other name may give them added value.  And valuable they are.  The most expensive one I found is this little treasure – Mouwads Handbag which sells for a nice 3.8 Million.

Mouawads Handbag

I am not sure what women see in handbags and here I am a woman so you think I would have been let in  on the secret.

When I did a little research I read articles that said the handbag for women really came into being as an accessory in the early 19th century.  Or maybe it was the late nineteenth century.  I must confess it really doesn’t interest me at all.

I guess it is because of my disinterest that I even wanted to blog on the subject.  I am sure there is a missing ‘girly gene’ because I just can’t get excited about handbags.  I can’t even garner up surprise or indignation that these objects can cost so much.  I did read some articles that said the handbag has existed in some form since early civilization, but again my disinterest may have caused me to read the information incorrectly.

One article started by saying that women cannot live without their purses.  It has occurred to me more than once that purses must have been an invention of early man.  That in some way it keeps women subservient.  This sure is not male bashing as I happen to adore men, but think about this.

A man strolls along moving both arms at his sides.  He is not burdened down by anything (except for those males who choose to use manbags), he is free to run, move about freely, he never has to worry about putting it down and forgetting it or having it stolen, – do you get where I am going with all this ‘free’ ‘freely’ stuff? – while the woman must occupy at least on arm with said bag.  Even if she carries a bag over her shoulder or across her chest she is burdened down.

Diane Mapes at today.com says “Huge purses are an emotional crutch”

From the same article comes this quote, “The big purse full of stuff is not only a woman’s home away from home, it’s a reflection of the woman’s role as caretaker, says Linda Abrams of the Philadelphia-based Council for Relationships.’

I know all you purse loving women are  great people.  I have dear friends and family who love those bags and it makes them feel good to go out accessorized. I just don’t understand it.  The article link above really gets into the psychology of why women carry big bags and frankly I think it is a bunch of nonsense.  Mape does a good job of reporting but oh my there is a certain insanity to much of what some people think.

My blogging friend Kathy McCullough started my thoughts when she posted

7 Signs of Bag-Lady Chic:  A Confession in Photos.  Now there folks is a lady who has bag common sense with a great deal of style.  Now that I can get into.

I have come to the conclusion that women who carry handbags do it because a) they like it or b) it serves some useful purpose, and I will  admit some might do it because it is the style and or everyone else does it.

Do I carry?  Yes.  Sometimes.  Occassionally I will catch myself and throw the thing in the closet or the trunk of my car.  After all, I want to be as free as a man is.  Hmm seems to me women have fought That Fight in the past.