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A Tribute to an Icon, My Aunt Eve

Yesterday we said goodbye to a wonderful woman, mother, grandmother with a couple of greats attached and an Aunt.  I am not sure if as children we called her Auntie Vee or Aunt Eve. 

The last of her generation, having outlived all her siblings and a widow for sixteen years.  Some things never changed; her laugh and her generosity.

It didn’t matter what problems presented themselves she was a person who lived in the moment.  She wore tragedy like armor which seemed to make her stronger.

You were guaranteed two things each visit.  Tea and laughter.  My sis commented on one of our visits that since she had recently lost her taste for tea, the Tetley Company had to lay off staff.  Weak and failing she managed her laugh.  You know the kind,  deep full hearted expression of hilarity that embraces everyone present and at first you laugh at the subject and then you laugh because it feels  good.

Her generosity knew no limits.  Admire something, she gave it to you.  It happened to me in the sixties when I admired a pair of green earrings she was wearing, and I have seen it with others.

On November 1st my Aunt’s daughter suddenly died during surgery.  November 30th my Aunt joined her.

I left the remaining cousins yesterday with an overwhelming feeling of sadness, knowing from experience what they now have to endure.  My thoughts and prayers are with each of them.

R.I.P. Evelyn H.D. Willigar (March 19, 1927 – November 30, 2012)