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This Writer: Remembers – Once Upon a Time

I heard a story a long time ago and to the best of my memory it went something like this:
Once upon a time there was a young girl strolling along a mountain path when the weather suddenly changed and the snow and chilling winter winds blew forcing her to pull her jacket around her.  Walking through the storm forced her to put her head down as she struggled with each step.  Seeing a snake across the path she stopped.  The snake asked her to pick him up and give him safe harbor from the storm. ‘ I cannot do that,’ she said, ‘you will bite me and I will die.’
‘I won’t bite you,’ the snake replied, ‘ I just don’t want to die in the cold.’  After much persuading the girl picked up the poor snake and tucked him inside her coat.  Almost at once the snake bit the girl and as she lay dying she said, ‘You promised me you would not bite me.  You promised me I would be safe.’  The snake looked at her and said, ‘You knew what I was when you picked me up.’

Sometimes we know the truth but for whatever reason choose not to see it, or believe it, because we want it to be something else.  The he and she of it can change.
If there is a snake in your life are you willing to look at the truth, as painful as it can be?  We glorify truth, but the reality is that truth can be painful.  It can hurt to the core.  There is nothing easy about truth.   Sometimes we can live with what we want to believe but sometimes choosing to not see the truth can be dangerous.   Be safe my friends.  Be safe.

Run don’t walk.  It is better to face the truth and be safe.  Some of life’s snakes do not bite fatally at first.  Just nips of discomfort unsettling your mind and soul, confusing you and putting you in constant angst.

The moral of the story is clear but as one who has built in rose colored glasses it took a long time and a few snakes whose bites I survived before I was ready to deal with reality.  I rather suspect that a few unfortunate situations we get ourselves into, we in fact had a pretty good inkling would turn into the snake.

Do we hate the snake?  No, we just accept its character and nature.  You cannot hate it for its nature, we just have to be smart enough to part company ASAP and say NO.  Enough is enough is enough.