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Oh The Plots We Weave for Monday Sept. 3, 2012


by tamo_konichi photobucket Oh the Plots We Weave


It seems there is so much to tell you about my week on the prairies and so little time. Actually I’ve figured there has been lots of time but I am using it poorly.  Definitely unproductive.  Why?  Because of my old friend Fibromyaligia who insists on showing up and demanding attention every time I take flight, whether it is for two hours or eight hours.  My energy levels are depleted and probably floating at 35,000 feet looking for a home.  So there you go.  By last evening it looked like Mr. or Ms. F. might have just a short visit, but this morning I knew….

Enough of the Whining and Snivelling.  I shall try to at least get back on schedule so we now look at a couple of true life reports from our local newspaper The Spectator.

1) London England hosts a $250 million tantrum between two Russian Billionaires.  This could be a rather dull story of he says, she says, however being at the billion dollar level the extravagance and the Scarlet O’Hara drama of it all it may make a good movie.  So to start:

At the cost of $200 – $250 million dollars in legal costs Boris Berevosky is pouting that he was ‘menaced’ (brilliant word here), into accepting $1.3 billion dollars from Roman Abromovich for his Sibneft holdings.  Abromovich then sold his shares four years later for $11.9 billion dollars.

I am thinking that the only person who could make a good story about this, as at its base it is such a pathetic nauseating story, would be Quentin Taratino who could pulp up the fiction and turn it into a dark comedy with a get what you deserve ending.

2) And then of course also from Russia with not so much love there is the ‘Pussy Riot’ message in blood story.  Seems a Moscow university  instructor, Igor Danilevsky killed two women in an apartment and left a message in blood to free members of the Pussy Riot feminist punk band who had been sentenced to two years in prison.

First ‘What if’ : Igor claims he wrote the message to mislead police when in fact it was a simple crime of passion.  Now this could be plot twisted every which way from Sunday but suppose it was a cover up of a cover up.  It was a crime of passion but not involving the victims but the members of the punk band as originally presented but not for obvious reasons.  Hmm I wonder…..

Second ‘What if’…Igor made a statement saying ‘I confess to everything.’  I don’t know about you but left over sentiment of the cold war and James Bond would deem this statement as manufactured.  Too clean.  Too easy.  Intrigue is just oozing out of each printed word begging to reveal….

Third ‘What if’…. What if Igor had discovered indiputable proof against both London case Russians Roman and Boris that would have lead to each of them having to play nice in the sand box of billionaire lives, who had poor Igor framed and having to live life forever associated with a punk band of less than charming title?

Any thoughts?

Congratulations again to Katherine Gordon Levine for being last Friday’s FITFS hero.  And condolences to Celi and all the fans of Mary’s Cat who is MIA.  I still remember when Mary’s cat showed up at the farmy.  I like Celi’s advice not to be sad and regardless of the time together, “This is just as great a love.  One years is as good as twenty, if we are wide awake.”

Oh the Plots We Weave: Fictional Life

Stephen King explains in his book, ‘On Writing‘ how he comes up with some ideas for plots or characters.  In the course of his day he is acutely aware of people and events around him.  It can be a furtive glance from someone or and interaction played out and while he may not know what is truly happening his genius mind begins to question – what if?

So let’s take a look at a couple of possible fiction opps out of this week’s news.

OH ODA – Skip the Juice

Canadian Politics and its politicians are in my opinion dull, classless, lacking luster, crooked, self serving…um better skip this part and contine on…

Bev Oda was most recently Minister for International Co-operation.  HUH?  Me too.

Anyway she ended up resigning from the government for putting a $16 glass of orange juice on her tab.  Oh and $1000/day limo costs. Oh and she apparently altered a document which resulted in denied funding to an ‘aid agency’ (whatever that is).  And I have not read yet anything about her general work quality performance.

Possible What If Fiction ideas (if it isn’t already)

Perhaps Oda had a highly classified job so secret it cannot be divulged to the public and suppose she came across information vital to the survival of mankind.  But just suppose those in power decided to take her out. *In Canada we don’t ‘take people out’ if you know what I mean.  We just make them blush out of shame, lower their heads and shuffle out the door with their $52K pension in their back pockets.

Hmm on second thought maybe this is not the best story to do a ‘What if’.  How about this one?


A woman in Georgetown was sitting eating her lunch at her desk which was located in the foyer of a fitness centre.  An SUV crashes through the large window, strikes her carrying her in the desk chair through the back wall into an office where she was found under the SUV but still in her desk chair.  No mention was made of what happened to her lunch.

Possible plot ideas?

There are quite a few that come to mind but consider:

The driver’s husband was having an affair with the lunchee and while the wronged woman had no planned intent to attack when she saw her enemy so clearly framed in a wide picture window and spotted her smug smile as she ate her lunch with relish (ha ha) the jilted wife found she had no control as her hands gripped the wheel and her foot put peddle to the metal and before you knew it the deed was done.

Of course in another scenario it is possible the driver saw the lunchee pick up a glass…a glass of orange juice..and assuming it was one of those deadly $16 glasses of OJ she sped through the window to prevent the woman from committing a Bev Oda!

Y’all have a nice rest of your Monday!