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I Appear Brighter Than I Really Am

Flower Child

I Appear Brighter Than I really Am

This is similar to: objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, but I am glad I do not have to wear a sticky on my rear view mirror or any other part of my anatomy announcing the fact.

There is a fav quote of mine, I have no idea who said it originally but it goes something like this: 
It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.  I like it. I do not always, or almost never adhere to it, but somehow I can pull it off, mouth and all.

I understand from my father that when I was born the world was taken aback by my extremely intelligent dark brown eyes.  It is my humble belief that was just a reaction from a proud papa gazing upon his first born – me.  He would tell me that story again and again, and so I believed.

So how does one give the illusion of Intelligence?

1). Look, Listen, and Learn.  From everyone.
2). I am a natural empath and connect with people easily.  I feel and understand the emotion behind their words and body language and they feel me feeling them. Minds out of the gutter here..but it works as well in those situations too.
3). Look into their eyes when they speak – with interest, even if you have absolutely no interest in the subject at hand.  It’s surprising what you might learn and hey you just won a fan.
4). Listen for keywords and ask questions. Hey by now they are ready to write you into the will.
5). When you listen, when you appear to care all kinds of amazing things happen.  You do learn, you find yourself even caring, truly and what is better than anything else:)
6) When you do have something to say everyone listens to you!  And usually you have a lot of worthwhile things to say because you have learned so much!

For you naturally bright bunnies out there, this information will provide nothing new, however, I do wish to thank you for teaching me!

Strange Pathways

Strange Pathways

Sometimes it all seems to come together (I love it when a plan comes together as Hannibal said – the fictional character from the A team not THE Hannibal).

Sometimes it does even though the reason or purpose for it remains unknown at this point.

I deactivated my Facebook last week, which I do occasionally when my visits to it start to interfere with other activities, like writing, cleaning, gassing up the beast, eating, socializing.  So I take a break.  

Anyway last night before going to bed I reactivated it.  This morning there was a message from an old friend I worked with years ago.  She is one of those contacts that are there, and you see regular updates on, and always plan to get together for coffee, but never really connect with.

The message was:

Hey Chris, one of my friends has this posted on their wall. I’m pretty sure you were inquiring about something like this and I thought of you.

It is a link to a Social Media Breakfast:

Social Media Breakfast with Josh Muirhead – Telling a Story – the key to online engagement
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 7:30 AM (ET)
Cambridge, Ontario

To the best of my memory I don’t remember indicating an interest in this specifically however since blogging I am searching out all knowledge possible related to story telling and social media. I am not very techie and need to learn how to make it better.  It is related to business and clients but I am thinking there might be some useful information I can glean from it.

Whatever the reason I feel like I need to be in this place at that time so I have signed up.  It does mean I will have to haul my aspergeezie out of bed early…nuts!

Will let you all know how it plays out!