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That Reminds Me

My long time blogging buddy Colleen posted today about her experience with a homeless man.  It brought to mind my own experience.

Way back in the fall of 1996 I was living in McAllen Texas.  I loved Texas.  Palm trees lined the streets and southern living was pleasant.

There were few homeless people that I saw.  It wasn’t like Toronto where pedestrians walk along busy streets sidestepping and ignoring the humanity who sleep right on the very walks, usually over heat grates.

There was one fellow in particular that I would see occasionally  standing on street corners holding a sign.  I never stopped to make a donation but something about him stayed with me.  He had an open face, intelligent eyes, a bearing of dignity.  Have you ever seen or met anyone and somehow you know you are linked or have a link to that person?  It was the strangest feeling but after a few seconds my mind would shift to the real world.

One evening I found I had some winning tickets, probably scratch not lottery, and headed out to a local store to claim my funds.  As I was entering the store this fellow was coming out.  I suddenly felt an urgency but it was ill defined.

I quickly got my money, probably about fifty dollars, and clutching the bills in my left hand got in my car and found myself searching for this gent.  I drove around blocks looking for him.  Honestly it felt like I had no choice. Finally I saw him sitting on the ground with his back to a brick wall.  I pulled over, parked my car and approached him.  His jaw fell open as I quickly mumbled something like, ‘I just won this.”  I handed him the bills, got in my car and drove away, almost immediately forgetting the whole thing.

I was driven, what I had to do was clear.  I actually forgot about that incident until I read Colleen’s post.  I don’t think I ever thought of it again.  I could really have used that money at the time, but it was never a consideration.  The message was clear, it wasn’t mine anyway, it was his.

I don’t know what ever happened to him or what difference it made in his life if any.  Somehow, beyond my role, it was none of my business.

The only time it came to mind was about six months later.  By then I was back in Canada and I had bought a scratch ticket. I won ten thousand dollars.  A memory flash somehow connected both events.  Probably conjecture on my part.  But I just can’t get rid of the feeling…..

Making It Look Easy

I’ve been thinking a lot this week which may or may not account for my absence in the daily post club. I prefer to think that thinking indeed was the reason. And what was I thinking? So glad you asked.
A lot of this great cerebral tickling of the grey cells centered around old family movies, Betty White and avoiding curses.

Twice now I watched Betty White’s 90th Birthday party and have been wanting to post something, but not the usual something. I wanted to avoid listing her accomplishments as they can be located, in depth, easily enough through our fav Google search engine. Lord knows the list is long. Nope there is something more. What is the key to her successes? At first I considered her primary characteristic to be resilience. you know what I mean. Her ability to endure life, the sad, the mad, the glad of it all, with grace and even joy. Then I thought it was her energy – the lady started in the business in 1939 right out of high school and when you look at every project she has had little down time doing multiples in any given year with multiple awards to reflect her efforts. Then I considered passion and she is passionate about her career, her work in animal preservation, and still active in her church.
What amazed me about her party was the sincerity of the folk present. It wasn’t one of those gatherings where people say nice things about the star and you can feel something just isn’t right. Maybe it is her lack of hoopla stardom. She has been the star, the back up support role and does it without the woohoohoo of ‘look at me’. She just is. She has talked a bit about her routine: up every morning between 6 and 6:30, shower, put on her face then on with the day.

The old family movies from the sixties and seventies also gave me pause to think a lot. Watching all who have passed, living and laughing brought warmth and comfort and stirred admiration for their accomplishments, none of which were ever broadcast, but we’re considerable in their own way.

I thought a lot about people and how we view others: the ones who make it look easy, the ones who make it look hard, and decided I want to be the former. My thoughts inspired me to start taking those walks instead of just thinking about it. My thoughts this week inspired me To Do rather than Just Be and I made some progress. The outcome of this week also made me realize that I will try posting just once a week as I expect to do more of this active thinking stuff. I may do more but will not do less.

And the curse? This too has occupied my mind. Not in receiving but in giving. I believe in The Golden Rule and Karma. To curse someone is a dangerous thing but when someone goes out of her way to hurt someone I love the desire is great, but the kick back is worse. I guess I will consider the implications for some time yet.
I hope your week was great and am off now to catch up on your wonderful blogs!!