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Literary Lunacy….and It’s Not My Fault!


I heard about it but never believed it..no I guess I believed it but never thought it would happen to me..and it did…and it’s not my fault.

I marveled at Stephen King in his book ‘On Writing‘ and a multitude of other well known, even famous authors who talked about a story coming to life when the characters take over their own life/story/tale.

It all started a few months ago, about April I think when my brother asked me out to coffee.  I adore both my brothers and will spend as much time in their company that they can stand.  I am thrilled!  Bro had been reading my blogs and it seemed he liked them enough to think I could help him with a story line..actually a book.  You see he had this vision for a book he had been thinking about for some time and by the time we met he was able to describe intricate characters and events.  No that’s not the lunacy part.

He didn’t have names but he sure had events and sequence and as he related it he stared off as though actually recalling events, places, times.  No that’s not the lunacy part either.

I took as many notes as I could and by the time he finished speaking I could see it..the story..the people.  The first few weeks I did considerable research on a whole bunch of things I needed to know.  In digging into the location out west his name, the main character I mean, came to me.  Then his mom and dad and sister.  Then I began to fill in the gaps between the events my bro described..but it didn’t seem to be me..it seemed to be the characters telling me.  No that’s not the lunacy part either.

Anyway my son’s Royal Wedding came up in May so I had to drop it for a few days.  I worked a little more on it then my move to Hamilton came up and I shelved it fora few weeks, but continued to think about these people.  Okay the lunacy is getting a little closer.

These people will not get out of my head – that’s the first lunacy AND they are changing the story..just a bit..the basic premise remains the same and I can see the changes enrich the fabric of the story..but here is the lunacy..for all to see…..

I am up way too late because I have lost the argument to these people in my head.  I cannot in good conscience make drastic changes to the story without at least letting my brother know.. ..So I started typing out the story line and events and people to him..because …LUNATIC HERE…they, the characters will not let the story go any further without Bro’s being aware of it.

I mean dear brother..there is no point asking you for approval..it’s out of our hands, I must now do their bidding…all the events stay true…for the most part as you saw it…

Real Lunacy = Me hoping now they will let me get some sleep.  It’s gonna be a long long day tomorrow!!