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Six Word Saturday

Never give up. Never give in.

If you live by these words does it mean you are tenacious, determined, or just plain stubborn? Is there a time when one should give up? I wonder if when I am most determined not to give up is exactly when I should.

Let me explain. I am an accomplished knitter and over the years have turned out wonderful objects. I do not say this from ego but just as a fact. The fact is if you practice something long enough and continually challenge yourself you will become accomplished.

A few months ago I completed a sweater pattern that is complicated but has become a favourite, and I have done a few of these. What I have never done is a project requiring considerable pattern adjustment expressly for a client. For money.

I have toiled mightily. And retooled. (If there is any such word)

Equally talented spinners of the ‘Yarn’ have advised me to give up. Give in.

This I cannot do. It has become a PERSONAL battle. Me and the yarn. One of us will win.

This is a previous one, done to pattern and not requiring personal adjustments. I knit because I enjoy it and have come to the conclusion that once you do it ‘for money’ the fun seems to go out of it. So for now I shall not up nor give in. I will probably give the lady back her money and make a gift of the sweater. Somehow that thought fits.