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FITFS…Celi Oh My

When it comes to ‘Following in the footsteps’ there is one model of theme that can’t be touched and that is Cecilia who is also known a ‘C’ and Celi.  I can’t remember how long I have been reading this wee lady with the strength of ten men, but once I started I could not stop. (in fact once I was hooked I spent a few days going back and reading every post – some of them more than once.  First because the writing is personal, exciting and filled with talent not often seen. (At least not often enough).  C describes herself as a ‘NZ girl married to an America fella, living on the prairies…’  The goal of her existence is to live on a self sustaining farm and she documents her adventures daily.  She posts first thing in the morning before her day starts, although sometimes when that day starts at 4 am she may post a couple of hours later.

Let;s see if I can give you a quick overview: first and most delightful are her ‘Walk around the Farmy’ series.  I swear her co cohabitants (I would never call them animals) have a way of becoming people in your heart.  Really. Daisy – my all time fave who is portrayed as a cow could become your best friend.  the Shush sisters, Ton Ton, Bees – who if they have individual names – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did – and only C would remember them all. Big dog, Queenie, Baby Bobby Blanc, Minty, Mia, Meadow, the Murphy, the son of the son of Neanderthol man, Hairy MacLairy (can’t forget him) and well…it would take way too much time to list all of them but I am probably pretty close at calling it a cast of thousands.  Okay maybe not thousands but it is just like they are their own little town.

So!  There are the farm adventures, then all the education about growing, cultivating, cooking, preserving.  Amazing stuff!  And stuff about the land itself.  And cool stories about her youth and growing up on a beach in NZ.

What is amazing is I don’t know when in a 24 hour period she would rest or even sit down.  On top of all the work there is her writing, projects like the postcards -*C I love mine!  And then folks – she devoted time to the Old Codger and took to entertaining the residents in the home he lived in until he was well enough to live on his own.  Once a week she took the time and animals away for a few hours to brighten someone else’s life.  OH OH and the best part or one of the bests is that her car runs on vegetable oil – not gas.  Can you imagine?  I simply cannot tell you everything I want to in this space.  So please do stop by to visit her and see that I exaggerate not.

So if I want to FITFS follow in the footsteps in search of my own theme what could I do?  Well I can begin with our household.  No cows, no sheep, no pigs, no peacocks, or  or or.  But I do live with an interesting menagerie.  There is Bree our yellow lab who believes she is still a pup and launches all her body weight in greeting and who eats everything especially wood, plastic, shoes, well anything.

Then there are three whites.  Long haired white cats all of which were supposed to have blue eyes except for Jewels Grace who has vampire red eyes.  Poor Jewels is deaf and doesn’t realize just how loud she meows.  She is also nocturnal and heavy and clumsy.  It doesn’t matter how nice her kitty bed is or how cozy it is – she prefers a cardboard box.  It’s easy to forget about Jewlsy as G2 calls her so I always make a point to stop and pet her whenever I come across her.

I shall have to get some current pics sometime.  Celi by the way has tons of wonderful photos.

Nope I cannot follow in her footsteps so I guess I will just keep reading thekitchensgarden.com and keep on looking for my own style.

By the by…not only does she accomplish so much in a day..her site is beautiful…I am pretty confident saying there are not too many others in her league.


Now for as sweet as Jewels Grace is (named by G1) there is also Jack…King Jack that is.  Wherever he poses it is very regal.  He is also mean sometimes and for no reason will swat at you when you walk by.  I tried being sweet, being firm and finally now just hiss back at him when he does the same.  He will position himself directly in the path of poor Bree who will not cross Jack.  Sometimes to assure his alpha position he will eat the dog food or drink from her bowl just to annoy the dog.

Then there is wee kitty Gus who now is about 3 months old.  Gus adores Jack and it seems Jack returns the sentiment.  He watches over the kitten who is perfectly happy attacking Mr. Grumble Guts.  Jack not only puts up with him he seems totally devoted to the kid.

As strange as it all seems they make a cohesive group happy most of the time..although I am convinced Bree definitely would appreciate another canine.