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The B**ch is a Dog

The B**ch is A Dog

Well here I am for this week, dog sitting and house sitting and cat sitting while the family is in Disney.  The biggest part of the job is the dog.  She’s a lovely yellow Lab  who at six months seems monstrously strong.  Let me clarify – she is monstrously strong, although it only took the first walk for her to heel and walk and sit.  This is a good thing since should she decide to take off after a child, or car I would be spaghetti at the other end of the leash.

We used to have a black lab when the kids were growing up named Fagan who was wonderful.  I guess granddogs are a lot like grandkids.  You get to appreciate them more when they are the only focus so I see or appreciate more of her personality.

I know  Labs are very social animals.  Bree will accompany me where ever I go. To the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom.  The bathroom is a problem so now I firmly close the door as her curiosity makes it just too difficult to focus on the chore at hand.

Labs instill guilt even more than children.
When I firmly close that door, the look on her face is pathetic as though I am abandoning her on the side of the road.
She brings a treasured toy to me and deposits it on my lap and those brown eyes beg me, just beg me to play just when I am exhausted and have no more play left in me.

Labs love to be outside and this one wants company so about the time I am ready to go in, she stretches out on her belly and more tortured pleas are cast my way.

Labs also will eat anything ..I repeat anything.  She seems to favor plastic and I have no idea where she find it, so I spend time gently removing said product from jaws of steel.  .she also eats or chews on stones.

This dog is all love and she misses her family.  She will lay her head on her paws outside one of the children’s room and sigh and whimper.  She also tries to crawl in my lap!

She loves to show off and yesterday when a neighbor cooed over her she started leaping around the back yard tearing out great amounts of grass and throwing them in the air.

I had considered getting a dog for my apartment but now think just visiting Bree now and then will do just fine.

But my question is…if the female dog is called a bitch..which she is not…what is the male dog called?