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How Important Is History?

How Important Is History?

So here I sit at a precipice able to write a history for my sons and grandsons but opposing
there is the living of life.  My days are full and I love it.  My heart says it is important to take the time to write.  At the end of the day I am tired.  Projects sitting waiting completion but I embrace the quiet.

Life is wonderful and I realize I want to tell a story but age is a tiring thing.  I have learned that giving all to the moment is wonderful.  The joy of entering the world of others, specifically children is enticing and for this moment in my life it is as it should be.  Sometimes the living out does the telling.

Perhaps there will be time in the future; perhaps I will find a way to accomplish both but
for now the living is more important than the telling.  Now pops up the thought that if everyone felt that way there would be no history for someone must tell the story.

Hmm perhaps, just perhaps I can do both.  For now it occurs to me….both is desirable.