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And the Dinosaur Award of the Year Goes to…..


Well I have heard from so many people who loved the movie Bridesmaids so I have come to the conclusion it was just me. Fortunately my dinosaur status is transient and it is a state I fight.

I generally try to keep an open mind because change is constant and I don’t want to be left behind. Every time a thought breezes through about modern fashion or art or entertainment I look for the good, the appeal to the masses. What do they see, perceive and enjoy? Often I actually have the chance to grow just a little bit more!

Of course there are core values I won’t budge on but keeping an open mind is important. So I may see the movie again (when it comes out on TV). My opinion may not change but then again it just might!

A friend reminded me of a conversation she and I had a few years ago when I told her G1 said at age four he was going to be a paleontologist when he grew up and thought I could be his assistant. My friend Ros promptly responded that it would be appropriate because then he truly would be working with a dinosaur!

Pics thanks to Photobucket.