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When Seasons Change….GypsyMama’s Five Minute Friday

GypsyMama’s Five Minute Friday. When Seasons Change

When Season Change I am reminded of the cycle of life.  I guess most of are that way, especially when you live in Canada where each solstice is so dramatic from the last.

My favorite is the fall when walks through rustling leaves just feels good to the soul.  There is a comfort in the sound of all that rustling and the sharper smells as the air seems clearer.  It is my favorite time to be in a forest.  It’s a quiet season, a getting ready to snuggle down season and get ready for my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving because it is a time for true Thanks Giving.  It is a time when families come together, no gifts mandated by commercialism…just plain old Thanks for our blessings and an appreciation for the many people who are those blessings.

Nuts..times up!

Five Minutes of my Favorite Things

GypsyMamma’s Challenge is to list a few of our favorite things in five minutes!
A Few of My Fav Things in Five Minutes

Rain: falling lightly, falling in torrents

Sunshine: Baking everything to a soft warm glow

Wind: the feel fills me with a sense of adventure

Caleb: at seven believing Grandma is the coolest chick in the world

Rowan: slipping his three year old hand in mine so trustingly 

Music: Blues, rock, country reaching my soul

Blogging: for opening a new world and new friends