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Judith is home after adventures and misadventures and more memories for her suitcase

From her post on AWA.

A Day or Two in the Life of an Octogenarian

All good things end and on Sunday, our stay in Bali ended. However, we put plenty into the available time. We were picked up and taken for lunch by friends. after a 2-hour drive through traffic, very busy but well-behaved, and with the driver and our host arguing about where we should turn, we ended up at the wrong beach and the people in the other car were not there. iI was 30 degrees in the shade, of which there was little. We eventually all met up and then began the trek to where these friends thought we had been the last time – the restaurant closed and six weary folks looking for another.

Lunch was good though not at all Balinese, and then it was time to leave. Meantime, one of the others, a Muslim, had taken off to find a temple and once again we were waiting for the second car. Yes, it was a shambles and I must say this Octogenarian was very pleased when we arrived at the hotel but only one hour before our pick up.

View while waiting for driver.

We were met by a pleasant driver who talked about Bali and of course, the upcoming G20 visit which has had, and will continue to have, an effect on everyone living in Bali. Much of the infrastructure has been improved, roads resealed and new roads built. The resort in which we stayed is to be the venue of the meeting and before our eyes (literally) two new conference centres were being built. The walk along the sand was paved in a day and we were told the sand will be cleaned and replaced where necessary every day. Busy, busy groups of small Balinese men appearing to be happy in their work.

So to the airport. I remember the first time I arrived in Bali in 1988. The airport terminal building was little more than a hut but now it is a large international terminal. Very impressive.

Two hours after arriving we were bound for Sydney. Nothing to report on the six-hour flight. A good selection of movies, my book and notebook, some food and sleep, and we were there. Then …. ELEVEN HOURS waiting in the Qantas Club lounge. How would we have filled in all that time without the lounge? Plenty of food and drink, alcohol if one wished, coffee and tea, a shower and eventually we were taken to the plane for our 3-hour trip to Wellington.

After arriving in Wellington and going through all the necessary formalities we came out into the terminal area at 1 am to find that the ordered taxi was not there. After calling the service I was told all cabs were busy and to take a cab from the rank. Problem No 2 – no cabs on the rank and about 15 people already waiting in line. so a very tired, elderly lady called the company once again and soon several cabs appeared including one which we took. So after depositing my companion at her house tired elderly lady eventually arrived home at 2 am. As my daughter said, I have to reconsider long journeys and stopovers from now on.

So many photos were taken of this incredible resort and I would like to share this one. 

Dinner with the fishes swimming around and over our heads.

Some Swim with the Fishes


Some Swim with The Fishes

I swim with a small group of elderly folk. Now before some of you youngsters out there start to roll your eyes and chuckle, these guys are like twenty and thirty years older than I.

I am fortunate to live in a lovely building that has a large indoor pool, gym, sauna, hot tub..well you get the idea. And every morning I swim. Okay, okay..since I have come to love y’all I’ll tell the truth. I swim four or five times a week. But in my mind I swim every day.

When I started the morning thing I met a couple in their eighties who ARE there every morning. He swims leisurely and she walks around the pool. (they also hit the gym in the afternoon.)  Then comes an even older lady who exercises in the water doing stretches. The topper is a gal in her nineties who comes in with her walker. She is amazing. She does LAPS! And not just one or two but again and again. They are all an inspiration to me. And an education.

I find out when Asparagus is on sale, what market has the best sales, who is running for local government, what is making our country great and who not to vote for. I also find out an amazing amount of local gossip.

I have been in this building for four years and barely know my neighbors. This quiet little group tell me every time there has been a plumbing problem, exactly how a robbery took place, who is getting married, who is getting unmarried, well everything imaginable.

They also give me advice. I’m a kid to them. And I lap it up. They have raised families, fought in wars, immigrated, and survived cancer, death of loved ones and aging.

They are truly inspiring and it is an honor to be welcomed into their group.

Their knowledge is a little spooky though. They never ask me personal questions and I never say much but I just have this feeling they know everything.

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