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To My Disney Crew…1) The Firetrucks are gone. 2) It wasn’t my Fault

To My Disney Crew, ..1) The Firetrucks are gone 2) it wasn’t my fault
From the Queen of Hamilton

Dear T &H & G1 & G2

I know how good you must feel having left on Saturday for all things Disney and making me the Queen of Hamilton.

Bree has been delightful although she misses you guys.  She sleeps beside my bed each night quite contentedly.  I have not had to lock the cats downstairs at all.  They came up the first night, poked their heads around the corner, figured they had missed the Rapture and disappeared.

Bree, powerful Yellow Lab that she is takes walks without dragging me along the road by the leash.  By last night the cats decided that if I was the only game in town they would come up and socialize.  Once I read them the proclamation that I was Queen of Hamilton they reverently genuflected and were fine.  I woke up at eight-thirty this morning with Bree snoozing away on the floor and at least one cat in the bed.  Fortunately it is a huge bed so there are no territorial disputes.

Bree has had only one time out in her cage.  And that WAS territorial…Last evening she and one of the cats (I still don’t know which of the wee white beasties is Jack and which one is Jewels), got into a dispute.  All I saw was a blur of white and one giant yellow circling the room around and up, on sofa, walls and chairs. So Bree ended up with a ten minute penalty in the box which she took without pouting following which all was well.

This morning I needed to make a quick run to Kitchener for a bag I had forgotten which contained essentials…primarily shoes, books and makeup.  Bree was secure and happy in her cage.  I had a quick lunch with B&J, retrieved the bag and headed back.  Fortunately the streets on this holiday weekend were barren..just the way they should be when I am driving.

As I was about to turn onto your street I suddenly braked because a police cruiser was blocking the street.  All I could see were Firetrucks (3), police cruisers (4), and several hydro trucks.  All smack dab in front of your house.  Unsure what to do I stopped a woman and her children scurrying from the scene.  She said someone had cut through a gas line and they evacuated part of the street.

I rapidly reviewed my morning actions through my computer like brain and decided I had nothing to fear.  I would not have to make a run for it, going on the lam.  Besides I had to get the doggy out of the cage.

Parking my car a block down I strolled along approaching the house.  I talked to a couple of police and the fire fighters in their gear…sigh..uh but I digress.

Turns out your neighbor across the street at 32 was rebuilding his front porch and cut through the gas line.  The gas itself had dissipated and any resultant bodies removed.

So you see all is well.  Bree and I are on the patio this sunny afternoon and the cats are..doing whatever it is they do.  Everything is normal and the winds have carried the noxious gases elsewhere.

So hope y’all are enjoying Disney!

Signed ..the Queen!