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I miss Sundays…

I realize this is indeed Sunday but what I miss is what Sundays used to be like.  I also realize that probably more than half the population of the country have no idea what I am talking about.

The only thing open on Sundays was church.  No movies, no stores open.  When I thought of this today I found myself trying to remember what we did on those days.

It truly was a day of rest and was spent reading, visiting family or friends, and having Sunday evening dinner which for some reason always seemed special.  In those days the Baptist church was a big part of my life and so I attended both morning and evening services since I was in the choir.

Sunday evenings were for ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’, ‘Bonanza’, and I think ‘Father Knows Best’ came in there somewhere. Oh and I almost forgot about Walt Disney.  It was a nice family time.

Saturdays had their own excitement because that day all the work had to be done.  Cleaning, groceries and homework.  When Sunday morning arrived there was nothing to do except be and think.  We started Monday well rested.

Now I have tried to simulate no work, no shopping, no movies Sundays but it just doesn’t seem to work.  There always seems to be something that needs doing.  But I won’t give up on it.  I figure if I keep trying to make it a day of rest eventually I will succeed.

What were your Sundays like in the past?