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Update on Murder Most Foul

I have to give the Kitchener Waterloo police their due.  As some of you know I had posted on a torso found way too close to family a few days ago.  At  first it all seemed very exciting.  You know CS I and Gil Grissomish.

The facts are ghoulish – a torso – no head no limbs.  I was not very confident that a resolution would present itself.

But it turned out ‘the torso’ was fairly quickly identified.  She has a name and she is/was only 24 years old.  Kelsey Felker.  Somehow knowing her name makes it all so personal.  Kelsey who cannot be canonized but is recognized as a young lady who faced a life of addictions and it seems did not live life well.  A woman who has two children who did not live with her.  Lots of questions.  Did her children even know about her?

We often laugh at the weirdest things.  Hahaha.  But for some people there is no humor.  And rightfully so.

It was found that the perpetrator, murderer, or what ever we can call it or him actually lived in the building my sister lives in.  This is scary stuff.  We expect this in Toronto, we expect it in New York.  But Kitchener?  There has been an underside in Kitchener’s in life within the city.  I had a glimpse once a few years ago but my Pollyanna attitude chose to ignore it.

I don’t know the answer to anything.  I ask.  I wonder. I want change.  How?