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Oh the Plots We Weave

I was all set today to post something light today catching you up on my week with the felines.  The fam got home from vacation today but the feline population seems to be intent on staying with me.  Perhaps they think it is just a dream that their loving family is back.

Anyway as I was saying….an article in the paper caught my eye this morning and it has been weighing heavily on my mind since.  Not just the story but the questions it raised.  First I want to ask you – can you take a look at your life and figure out who writes the plot and directs your life?  Are you in charge of  your life?  Do you believe in fate?

There have been events in my life where I have definitely felt the strong hand of fate but then I get wondering, if I believe in fate does that automatically mean I believe in predestiny and if so does that mean we have no control over our lifes?

Something happened on Friday.  A young woman named Jessica Ghawl at the age of 24 was one of 12 people killed when Jason Holmes decided on a killing spree at a theatre in Aurora Colorado at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises movie.

This in itself is horribly sad  and one thought is, how awful to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But there is more.

This same young lady was in Toronto last month when there was another killing spree at the Eaton Centre and she missed it by  3 minutes changing her mind on a certain course of action.  She had planned on shopping and then sushi and for some unknown reason changed her mind at the last minute, decided on a burger and left the shopping mall.

If she had gone for shushi she would have been one of the victims.  Afterwards she said she could not identify the feeling in her chest, the odd feeling in her chest that saved her life.

I remember a case a few years ago when a man missed his plane and that plane ended up crashing.  Sometime later he died in a crash anyway – I think it was a car accident.  I think the movie Final Destination dealt with this type of thing to the ridiculous extremembut my point is it happens.

Have you ever changed your mind on a course of action due to an unexplained feeling or thought?  Has it ever completely changed the plot of your life?

I guess there are more questions than answers in this post none of which could be answered in just a few words.

12 people dead and 70+ injured.  Hundreds of lives changed – perhaps thousands.

*Someone mentioned to me that the guilty party will probably be deemed insane and get off.  So the only other comment I will make is that I believe, sane or insane we must all always be responsible for our actions.  Insane?  Drunk? Incapable of good judgement?  Oh that’s too bad.  You still have to pay.  Just my opinion.